54, Code 1, or Code 2?

Hey Guys,

I am getting a new Yoyo very soon!!! I am deciding between the One Drop 54, Code 1, or Code 2. I heard that these three are all very high performance. I am looking for something that is perfect for 1a yoyo styles. I am currently using an 888x by Yoyo factory. Which do you reccomend??


Having owed the code 1/54 I liked the Code 1 better. Between code 1 n 2, I’d get the one that give you the best looking color way, as neither will disappoint.

Both 54 and code1 are great. Gotta say code1 has better colourways of the 2, though. Never tried code 2.

I have all 3. Code 1 all the way. This isn’t to say anything against the others, just I prefer the Code 1. The Code 2 with the disc side effects, well, wow, I’m liking that a TON!

I do have 2 Code 2’s. I want to get a second Code 1, but I’m not in any hurry.

I went with a code 2.

Thanks for all your help!


I have a code 1 and had a 54 for a year. In my opinion the code 1 is the best. the code 1 is stabler and seems to spin a bit longer. They both grind awesome. the code1 has the longest finger grinds I have seenn in a long time.(yoyoexpert colorway) The H shape feels better to me too.
I haven’t tried

If you take this guys opinion I would get the code 1. You also might want to try it with a center trac. it seems to spin longer for me. My code 1 is DEAD SMOOTH. My favorite yoyo of all time so far