code 1 vs. 54

Which should i get

code 1

code 1

What are your preferences?

  • Do you like full sized, or under sized?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Light weight, or heavy weight? (In this case, with one drop’s “side effects” you can change the weight to light or heavy at will).
  • Shape?

… etc. This list could go on and on.

If you like full sized yoyos get the Code 1.
If you like under sized yoyos, get the 54.

I agree with brandoide1

I personally would get the code1 (already have the 54)
Neither will let you down. They both have side effects.

Unless you like black yoyo’s get the code1

black is the only color left for the 54
and the code1 splash edition looks awwesome

personally, i have played both and their very different. it’s not a matter of which is better it’s really what you prefer more, the 54 has a more organic shape to it which feels more natural to me, but the code 1’s over-sized diameter fits my large hands better. the code 1’s very inorganic shape feels allows the player’s middle finger to rest snugly in the catch zone, but that doesn’t feel comfortable to me the 54 comes stock with both ALU spikes an brass domes, as where the code 1 only comes with code 1 se’s but this is where preference comes into play. personally, i LOVE ALU ultra lights, but spikes will be the next best thing.

it all comes down to what you want more, not which is better than the other.

Code 1 :slight_smile:

CODE1 in my opinion is way better, stabler smoother it’s just a great throw