One Drop Code 1 or 54

I am not asking which one is better, but I am asking what is the difference between them. I have a Code 1, so I would like to know how different a 54 is.


well, first off the 54 is smaller, feels more solid on the string (tho I had a nickel 54), the shape is waaay rounder.

both are awesome yoyos, but if you’re after performance > style, the 54 won’t get you anything that the code one already has.

Sounds like hadoq would know better than me because he has thrown both of them. But I would guess that the 54 would make string rejection tricks like Magic Drop easier, and the Code 1 would be better for horizontal style and other tricks where you would want less friction from the gap walls on the string. Likewise, tilt correction would probably be easier on the 54 because of the shape of the walls.

Just a guess since I’ve never played with them. Though I’d like to, especially the Code 1. :slight_smile:

They are rather different but both are great yoyos

the 54 is round and feels great in the hand
the Code 1 is shaped a lot like the MVP or at least i think so

Both are great i prefer the CODE1 but it comes down to your preference