Code 1 or 54

Yellow yo freaks! Well, I need some help once again, and my yoyo buddies have been useless. So, I thought I’d ask the internet!
I can’t decide between the CODE 1 or the 54 by One Drop. The black 54 with the polished aluminum Side Effects looks sick. The shape also looks comfy, but thats what I thought when I bought my PGM, and I hated it. I want to try that radical H shape that the Code 1 offers.
I play with lots of whips, slacks, and hops. It seems both yoyos can cater to this because of side effects. I also love undersized, but both of these are full sized.
I’m not asking which is better, but simply asking which I may prefer.
OR should I wait for the CLYW stuff to drop?

The 54 feels nothing like the PGM. I really don’t like the PGM at all, but the 54 is one of my favorite yoyo’s. It is easier for me to land tricks on my Code1, but I prefer playing with the 54 because of how it feels.
As for CLYW, I have a Gnarwhal and love it. If I had to choose between the Code1 and the Gnarwhal, I would take the Gnarwhal. But if it was between the 54 and the Gnarwhal…I don’t know…I think that would be a toss up. They are both smooth and comfortable. I like the side effects system of the 54, but I like the look of the CLYW a little bit more.

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Yeah I love my 54 but if you wanted to try something totally new go for the Code-1.

Well, I have a Code 1 now, and it’s just different than anything else I’ve tried. But I got a killer BST deal and couldn’t pass it up. Had a CLYW Gnarwal in there too. I like the Gnarwal better, but we’re talking “first impressions” not a long term, FAIR evaluation.

But, since that deal, that means I’m gonna get a 54 later.

Also got a BVM coming in.

I haven’t seen the new CLYW stuff. I got the gnarwal and BVM because I like the shape. I’m having them stripped so I don’t have to look at their colors. Can’t stand how CLYW does colors.

That’s quite a collection for someone who hasn’t yoyo’ed long. Nice!

and yeah, the code 1 and 54 are different. The Code 1 is “better” meaning that if you use the same side effects, the code 1 is more stable and smooth, It can also do horizontal much better.

Come to the DARK SIDE… hehe

Nice you even have black string. C=


My goal is of course to learn as much as I can and do the best I can. A secondary goal is doing a short demonstration in schools(nothing major) to expose kids to yoyo. Having a large collection helps to show variety. But, also as I’m still learning, I also need to expose myself to lots of stuff.

BST has been great for getting “gently loved throws” at “discount prices”. It’s like buying a used car but without the hair products, cheap suits and the sleeze factor!

With the recent play of some undersized or around the 54mm size but popular(or desired) high end throws, I find myself STILL liking the oversized type. As such, while I like the smooth as butter play of the gnarwal, I find myself liking the size of the Code 1. But still, I like my DM2 and keep going back to it time and time again.

Right now, I have an offer for a 54. I’m so tempted, but I need to hold off for a bit and wait for a few things to happen.

Based on the Code 1, I can’t imagine the 54 being anything but a great player as well since it’s from the same company. For the price, it’s a wash. No access to other side effects limits variety within the model. But the shapes are so different as well a the sizes. It’s not a clean comparison. It’s really going to be a preference thing.

You know you want one Studio42…

(You can wait if you must though… :D)

Dude, teasing ain’t cool!

Yes, I want one. Not that color, but yeah, I want one! I also want to pick up a set of the side effects. The idea of easy modifications is attractive.

I really like that type of shape. That looks “proper” to me. Most of my yoyos tend to have that kind of a profile.

I’m working on trying to make time to create a “yoyo photo” project of my collection. Just need to find the center of the Lazy Susan and get a background. However, the background won’t work so hot for the delrin Half & Half.

Yeah I like the shape too and if I’m not mistaken it comes with the Brass spikes too (Mine did at least.).

Hope you like it when you get it. :smiley:

Wow. All those awesome photos have nearly convinced me to get a 54…

YEAH!! and not just ANY black string, this is DELUXE BLACK Slick 8 hehe. It’s 50/50 cotton/ poly. A bit thicker than typical poly slick 6 and it’s really as strong as they claim it to be. Seems to last about 3 times as long as regular poly string. Stay cool…

what do you mean NEARLY!?!? hehe

The code 1 is still lurking in the depths of my mind… But I did find the color of the 54 I wanted (Orange and Purple) for real cheap, so I may be able to get both. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a cool color combo to me. C=

I like that orange color… looks good on the Cactus! It would look cool to do a 54 half orange and half black.

That’s true. If we meet up at a contest we can see what it looks like. :smiley:


I’ve got both. The 54 is great. But the CODE 1 is AWESOME. I’d say CODE 1.