How does Code 1 and 54 compare to Code 2?

OK I will probly never do any tricks like the kids in the contest, but I sure like professional yo yo’s.

I got a Code 2 a couple weeks ago and love it. Now I would like another from the same company. I kind of want a smaller OD and I was thinking of the 54 but I also like a certin code 1.

I was just wondering how those who have them would rate them or what there thoughts were about them.


I have both. I like the Code 1 better than the 54, but it comes down to my preferences. Both are amazing yoyos.

Don’t forget the Dietz. God its amazing. And small. Theres a reason many have the Dietz from one drop. Just sayin… Dont miss this one.

Get a dietz :slight_smile:

2 people already beat me to it, but I’ll also suggest the dietz. Aside from being a great undersized, it’s a nice compliment to the code 2. You get the full spectrum of undersized/maneuverable and fullsized/wide.

Dietz or 54.

If your looking for a good undersized OD throw, you can’t go wrong with a Dietz.

Thanks for the replys.

I probly will get a Dietz soon. I ordered a 54 cause I saw it in a colorway I really liked. Also I noticed the 54 was allmost the exact dimensions of the Whip, which I like but wish was heavier. I like the way the Whip fits in my hand, the 54 just feel about the same but the curves on the 54 look nicer…

The 54 is nice. It’s my all time favorite One drop throw. I wouldn’t consider 54mms to be Undersized though. If those specs feel too light, you can always enjoy the benefits of the side effects system. It USED to come stock with aluminum spikes and brass domes, though I’m not sure if it still does. In any event, if you feel its too light, I would recommemd throwing in some brass ultralights, bringing it up to a nice 65.2. A nice medium weight. Then it still has the speed float and stability, but at a nice solid weight. They are my preferred SEs on the 54.
Good luck!