Diets vs code 2

Hey I’m looking at getting a new throw today! I’m in Northampton and I have a dietz set aside for me at a2z and I’m also looking at the code 2. I want to stop by the yye headquarters and test both but i don’t know If that’s possible. What’s your oppinion on each?

I’ve tried both and honestly I preferred the Code 2, but the Dietz is very good as well. It all goes down to preference though. Are you a fast yoyoer, slower, etc?

I generally like to play slow and smooth.

I that case I recommend the Code 2. It’s full sized, as compared to the Undersized dietz, but plays slower. It can still go fast though. The Dietz just WANTS to go fast and I find it kind of overwhelming at times.

I’m hoping for something a bit smoother and floaty than my avalanche.

Oh, okay, in that case I can’t really help, I’m kinda a noob at floaty/smooth yoyos.

Of those 2, get the Code 2. It’s bigger, it SHOULD play slower. I’ll know more when I get mine in a day or two. I sure hope it doesn’t arrive Saturday as I’ll be gone and I won’t be able to enjoy it until sunday! Then I can compare it to my Dietz.

The Avalanche is very smooth and floaty. The Code2 is right in that kind of area I would think based on the shape.

Sweet. I’m stopping by the yye headquarters today to pick up a code 2 and a holster. Gonna tour the place. I’m excited! @studio42 my avalanche is an fg and its been so beat up its lost its float.

FACEPALM I dont think a yoyo can lose its float.

Lemme rephrase this. It’s not that it lost its float, its just really vibey now

I ended up getting an albatross and a code 2 along with some exclusive purple kitty string :slight_smile: ill post a topic later about my visit to the headquarters.