Code 2 or chief


Hey guys,
I’m most likely getting a new throw this thanxgiving and I really need some help deciding between these two yoyos. Lots of people say the code 2 is better than the chief, but everyone likes the chief way more. So please let me know ur guys’ opinion


First thing you need to know, neither of these yoyos is better than the other. It’s a matter of what you like in a yoyo. For my style of play, and the certain elements that give me joy in yoyoing, the Chief gives me more joy when i use it, and is more effective for my style of yoyoing. That doesn’t mean that i don’t like the Code 2, as i like it very much, and is also effective for my style, and gives me joy, but not as much as the Chief does.

Different yoyoers like different things, i know for a fact the kid across the street likes my Code 2 more than my Chief. It works out better for him, and gives him more joy.

There isn’t really anyway we can figure out what will be better for you 100%, but if you give us a little bit more info, we may be able to give you some better information. I can tell you right now though, don’t pay a wink of attention to the poll, as it will be based on what OTHER people like, not what is best for you.

So if you can answer these questions, we will be able to better assist you.

What yoyos do you have know? what do you like about certain ones? what do you dislike about them?

Do you want a bigger yoyo, or a smaller one, or right in the middle?

Heavy or light?

Fast, or slow?

Do you want it to have a floaty, airy feel when your using it, or do you want it to feel more solid?


I have a dm2 a whip and a Sasquatch. I hated the dm2. I am in love with the Sasquatch. I like nice comfortable shapes and glossy yoyos. I hate when yoyos are super thin and have a small gap. For me, it doesn’t really matter the size. I like heavier yoyos. I like a yoyo when it can go fast or slow. I like both floaty and solid throws. Thanx for your help and I hope I answered your questions! :wink:


The avalanche is basically a fine tuned Sasquatch. If you want something similar, go for the avalanche. If you want a completely different beast, I would go for the chief.

Out of the two, I would probably pick the chief, especially if I already had a Sasquatch


Sorry, I meant code2, everywhere that I said avalanche, put code 2 instead. Sorry for the confusion


I voted for Chief, but I really like the Code2. I liked those grooves in the catch zone for finger grinds. I ended up trading it and I have 5 Chiefs, go figure. You won’t be disappointed by either. I’d say draw a piece of paper out of a hat with Chief or Code2 written on them :stuck_out_tongue:






Bump. I have till tomorrow or Friday to decide ;D


If you want to stay familiar with your Sasquatch go with the code 2. And it lets you change the weight with side effects.

If you want to try some thing different that is still awesome go with a cheif


thanks everybody I ended up buying the chief during yoyoexperts black friday sale. so excited!