Need help upgrading!!


Hello everyone. I’ve been rocking a DM2 for awhile and feel that I’m ready to upgrade. The problem is I don’t know what to upgrade to… From what I’ve looked into, i like OD’s Code 2 and the Artic Circle and Chief. Obviously the Code 2 is in a different price range than the other two but I’m wondering if it’s a better value? Also I want something that is stable and will give me good spin time. I’m not sure if the yoyos I listed will do that but they seem good from what I’ve read. Any help on this subject will be greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

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Code 2 is an awesome yoyo. The other yoyo’s may or may not feel better to you, preferences and all, but the code 2 plays great and is a high end performance yoyo. The side effects are kind of nice as well, allowing you to adjust weight and all. All are great yoyos but I’d bet you’d be as happy with the code 2 as anything else.


skitrz is right. The CODE 2 may not be quite in the same price range but it’s definitely in the same performance bracket. Whether you’ll like it as much as a Chief or an AC comes down to preference. Personally, I like my CODE 2 more than my Chief and AC.



The comback Avalanche is a better performer than the AC in my book, and obviously quite similar… I’d go so far as to say it is the best throw in CLYW’s stable from an objective point of view (as objective as one can be). The AC feels almost as good but it’s just so likely to tip on string hits. Much moreso than it should be. Sure, you can play around it and even correct it, but it’s still an issue. The Avalanche does not. If you can only afford one and it’s going to be your main throw, it’s the one you want.

I personally don’t prefer the Code 2 to either the AC or Avalanche, but I probably do prefer it to the Chief. The Chief has a lot of personality in the way it plays, and it’s fun when I want to play it, but otherwise it’s just a bit floaty and “unique” to compete with some of the others in outright performance.


If you have gotten a chance to play with other yoyos and know what shape, weight, bearing size, and other specs you like then it would be easier to help you. If you havent had the chance to try an assortment of yoyos w different specs then its a bit harder to explain, if I were you I would decide on if you want something similar to the DM2 or want to try out something completely different.

The Chief is very close in diameter to the DM2 (a bit larger) with a little bit bigger width as well. Someone might get technical with me but in my opinion they have a similar shape, the Chief weighs 3 grams less at 66 grams.

The AC (in my opinion) is very similar to the Chief. Its a tiny bit smaller than the Chief but .5 grams heavier (according to YYE’s shop page) at 66.5 grams, the shape is a bit different, more angular. This looks to me still similar to the DM but not as similar as the Chief is.

The Code 2, again very very similar in diameter and width, and a similar weight as the previous two at 66.8 grams. It also has the added bonus of the One Drop Side Effects, so if you happen to get it and realize you like the heavier weight of the DM2 you can spend $12 and get some new side effects that will change the weight instead of spending $100+ on another yoyo, there are many different side effects, some people like them and some people dont.

I would say it depends on what you are going for, if you really like one of the AC of Chief colorways and dont mind spending the extra $40-$65 then go for it.

I would personally say to go for the Code 2 and even if you want to get some side effects to switch up the weight you will still be saving around $30-50, they are all 3 very smooth and will all 3 not disappoint you (btw they all 3 come unresponsive out of the box, just a heads up Im sure you already knew that).

There isnt a “right or wrong” choice in my opinion, they are all 3 great yoyos that Im sure you will be very happy with!


All 3 of those throws will exceed your expectations. Go with what you like the best aesthetically.

My Code 2 with brass domes and trifecta bearing is probably my favorite yoyo.


I agree. Any of those will exceed expectations. Ignore the prices, they are all amazing yoyos and play fantastic.


I would go with the simple dv888. Much cheaper and is a nice upgrade. My first yoyo was the DM2 and then the dv888 and I thought it was a nice upgrade.


My experiences are a bit different. I did get the DM2 first, then got the dv888 later. The dv888 is fun, but I don’t see it as an upgrade over the DM2 in my opinion. I just got a Duncan Raptor, and I like that way more than the dv888.


I’m a fan of the smaller size, weight, and finish. It’s all around better learning less advanced tricks in my opinion


Chief > Code2 > AC

But the Code2 is definitely the best bang for your buck.

Or you could get a Capless. A $100 yoyo for $65.


I really can’t say anything other than I agree.

The Code 2 ends up being the best bang for the buck based on price and performance so out of the box it’s awesome. Then with the side effects, you’ve got even more options and hence value. One of my favorites is a Code 2 with disc side effects, which I prefer over my Code 2 stock.