Punchline repeater or code 2


I was wondering ehat you guys would prefer over these two yoyos. Give me your opinion about these two yo-yos




These are two TOTALLY different yoyos, but it all comes down to whether or not you like to play slow, or fast. Code 2 for fast, punchline for slow.


here are my preferences
i really dont care fast or slow but i prefer to go medium
i like full size or slighty undersized yo-yos, but as long as they are not oversized
i like when a yoyo is comfortable in the hand
A perfect yoyo is somewhat like my sasquatch if that helps so ya


Than go with code2


bump and i forgot to say i like floaty yo-yos

(UmeNagisa) #7

Get some ultralights for the code 2

Then it’s lighter and more floaty


As far as I know Sasquatch is heavy and solid


i somewhat like heavy yoyos if that helps



(UmeNagisa) #11

in that case brass domes with a code 2


I’m really liking my Code 2 with disc side effects. Heavy, slow to medium speed, stable, smooth, massively enjoyable for me.


Get a code 2. you will not regret it. This is my current favorite throw with capless, burnside, and hour in hot pursuit. I also cannot recommend enough that you get a trifecta bearing. This is my favorite bearing of all time out of the many bearings I’ve tried. Order some sideeffects with your yoyo if you think it will be to light or heavy. It comes stock with SE that are right in the middle of heavy and light. I like light yoyos and will be buying the ultralights soon.