Code 2 or 54?


I am looking for a chill throw. Something heft and semi-slow, with lots of flow and smooth on the string. I have always only liked full sized throws, and I have eliminated the Rev 1 Overhaul from my choices. These two, the code 2 and 54 by onedrop, are my choices. Which one? D:

(SR) #2

Code 2 no doubt. Not to give you a bigger descision, but I would also look into the Cascade if you havent already.


Definitely the code 2. Stock, the 54 is more of a quick, light, floaty yoyo. It felt a little clumsy to me when I tried to put heavier side effects in it. I do like my 54, but the code 2 should fit your criteria along with having superior stability and spin times.

The code 2 is one of my favorite throws, and I highly recommend it.

The cascade is great, and super smooth, but since you like full sized it might be slightly too small for your liking at 53mm. It is nice and wide though, and has a really nice shape to it.


“Chill” describes the 54 perfectly. It isn’t a competition-level performer though. By that, I mean it lacks in spin time and stability. However, it is an enjoyable yoyo and I wouldn’t mind owning one, I might even personally choose a 54 over a Code 2… I’ve had extensive playtime with both but no longer have either. If I was given a pick right now, think I’d go for the 54 even though it doesn’t kick as much butt on the string. It’s just fun and relaxing… the Code 2 is what you call a beast. It’ll blow you away in its performance, but isn’t necessarily the most fun or “chill” yoyo out there. Hope that helps.


I feel the Code 2 is the win right here. Hits all the points you wanted.


Thanks guys. Yeah, I am not at all into competition. My favorite style is the rounded butterfly shape, and I love anything beadblasted. I do lots of thumb grinds and play VERY relaxed. I do hard tricks, just slowly. I yoyo for meditative purposes.
Thanks again guys. I think I am definitely edging toward the code 2 :slight_smile:


Get a Code 2. You won’t be disappointed. I would also recommend getting the Disc Side Effects with it. It will add that extra heft you want.


I decided previously to get the disc side effects whether I got the code 2 or the 54


You really can’t go wrong with either, however I think you will like the Code 2 more


I would go with the 54,I find it matches your criteria better if you put brass domes in it.The code two I feel is a bit light and the 54 has a lot more heft to it and is a little slower and dead solid and smooth on the string.That’s just my opinion though.


Win-win. Chuck the disc side effects on either and you’ll be golden.