looking for nice recommendation for OD 54


hey everyone

the past 10 days was like a hell for me , because i was so confused to choose a yoyo that i can learn
combos , but i finally found the one !

i heard about the floaty OD 54 and its side effects idea … WoW

but i said how about looking for nice review before getting it

so guys how this yoyo performs ? how floaty and smooth is it ? does it feel perfect on the hands ?
how long the spining time ? is it that long to do combos ?

can’t wait to hear nice things about this yoyo ;D


I love the OneDrop 54, it’s a really nice yoyo with a really nice feel.

However, if you are keen on doing competition-style practice, or harder combos, or more stability, get the Code2 by OneDrop. Or the Code1.

54 is a really nice yoyo, but it’s more for leisurely throwing.


Get the code 2 trust me. So amazing. My favorite yoyo. Can handle anything and won’t disappoint you! ;D


thanks for the replies guys

so now i’m heading for the code 1 or 2

is there a huge differences between these 2 ?


Yes. I personally like the Code1 better. It gives a really fun feel to it in my opinion, and it’s really bouncy and nice.

Code2 is pure competition yoyo. It’s stable, and it’s much wider than Code1. I’d say it plays better, but not as fun as the 54 or code1.


to be more clear which one of these 3 yoyos combines these things , easy for learning advanced tricks and combos + smooth and floaty

and thanks again for your time ;D


Code 2 for me is fun and extremely competition oriented. The code 1 is more fun though and is slightly more floaty. It has faster rpms too. not as stable as the code 2 in my opinion. Both of my code 1 and 2 are dead smooth. I usually go to my code 2 when i want to practice or compete. And i go to my code 1 for fun time. Can’t go wrong. Believe me u will love either one. Keep in mint that the code 2 is 2 grams heavier… :slight_smile: The code is better for learning imo because of bigger catch zone and being more solid


54 is not good for learning tricks



Honestly just get a code2. Get a 54 later on though. I love my 54, but I just don’t find myself throwing it. Code1 is a good player, but quite a funky shape. Code2 is pretty uniform feeling (in a good way) and can be changed up a lot with side effects. It feels good with a lot of side effects, which I didn’t find to be the case with the 54 or code1.



so code 2 here we come ;D

now one more thing left

what kind of bearing should i get for the code 2 ? center trac bearing or … ?


I can’t speak from experience, but OD are (were?) known for their stock bearing. I don’t imagine you would need to swap it out for anything else.


Just get the one drop tenball bearing.


You might wanna add that the 10-ball bearing is what comes stock with all One Drop yoyos. So he doesn’t order an extra if he doesn’t need to have another…



I have to get an extra bearing just in case something happens to the stock bearing

So should i buy the 10 ball vearing or others?


If you’re getting an extra bearing, go with Twisted Trifecta so you have a variety. Dont get another ten ball


thanks man

help me with the string

what strings should i have for the code 2 for unresponsive play and smooth and 100 count ( links for this would be better )

i am also getting 2A yoyos so i need to buy 100 count strings so what should i get ?

thanks again guys


Stock YYE string plays just fine.

If you are looking into something else, try Kitty String.


stock yye poly plays well and if you want something softer or at a different thickness go with kitty string


stock yye poly plays well and if you want something softer or at a different thickness go with kitty string


You guys kidding right?

He wants to buy 100 string from yoyoexpert for advanced play and you guys saying stock string >:(