I have returned, and I have questions.


Hello everyone, As usual, to keep my yoyo interest healthy and constant, I have been taking a break for the past couple months. However, I’m currently prepping up to buy my new throw for the year, but I have no idea what to get.

Some criteria/facts/stuff:
I have been throwing for 3 years on and off
My last purchased yoyo was the CLYW Gnarwhal
While I like the Gnar, I feel like it’s time for a bit of a larger throw, something really smooth and… more deliberate
Besides that I honestly have no restrictions, besides price of course (under $110)
Really, I think it would be nice to just get some general suggestions. What your favorite yoyos have been recently and why.

I know all this lacks specificity, but it doesn’t really need any. I’m completely open to varying suggestions.

Thanks in advance!


My current favorite throw are:

C3 Capless: This throw has a great feel for me on the string. I don’t know what it is, but like it has this solid yet a bit floaty feel that I love. It also has powerful spins. It’s shape is a simple organic that feels good in hand, along with a nice regular size. The colors are also amazing, all for 65 bucks. Crazy, don’t let the price deceive you. My all time favorite.

YYJ Theory: this yoyo is fast, thin, and fun. It has endless grids, and the side caps are awesome. They do not spin, they act like lateral caps. Finger spins are super fun on your fingernails. I enjoy this yoyo a lot.

(kclejeune) #3

If you can, spend 5 dollars more and get a solid color summit. (ClywXonedrop) If not, I’d go for a One drop Chik

(SR) #4

One Drop Code 2 is for you my friend.


I agree. If you dont want that, I’d go with chik, or spend a little more and get a summit. If you want cheaper, c3 capless. Or also you can get a Burnside.


My favorite throw by far is the Lunar Wind by a new startup company jekyll&hyde SPINS. They have one proto left for $100 here http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,43159.0.html just pm aznboyaz. If you swap the stock bearing with a konkave it plays amazingly. Long sleep times, great horizontal, decent grinds(3-5 seconds, great for a raw yoyo), it’s midweight but feels slightly lighter than it really is, it plays on the faster side, and it’s full sized. If you like those aspects I recommend you get one! It’s an amazing crazy fun throw!




You have tried all 5 of these???

(kclejeune) #9

Idk about him but I’ve tried all but the Chik, which sounds like an upgraded burnside. I’d say summit or Code 2.


I haven’t tried the capless, but like 6 ppl recommended it to me.


The summit and he code 2 have the same shape. I tried the code 2 in red and the engravings look really cool, it has groves on the sides. They both used side effects, so you can pick up some of those. The summit comes with better pads and a better bearing. The price is a little different I think…


The Capless is really great, too. For half the price of a Code 2, you are getting the same category of performance. I do still prefer the Code 2, but the Capless is really good.


Thanks everyone! I’m looking into all of these now. I had previously thought about getting either the Code 2 or the Summit. The Capless sounds incredible as well. I’ve seen some videos of it in action, looks like an absolute beast (cheap too!). I haven’t checked out the Chik! much yet, but i’m on it.

Again, thanks! I forget how great and knowledgable this community is.


I know it’s all preference, but the Code 2’s pads and bearing are just as good as the Summit’s. Flow Groove pads are some of the best out there in the eyes of many, and the OD 10 Ball is a quality bearing. I’m sorry for going on this rant, but it’s kind of annoying seeing you post your opinions like they are fact all the time. Just because you say something does not mean it’s right. Please consider this for the future. I’m not trying to be mean, just trying to prevent information that, frankly, is incorrect most of the time from getting to people who are looking for genuine facts. I know you are pretty new to yoyoing, so you still have a lot to learn! :slight_smile:

Personally, I like the Summit a tad better than the Code 2, but not because of its hardware, but because of the play. The Summit just suits me better.

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Honestly I say you should get an Imperial. Like im totes bein honest here


Oh, I thought the code 2 came with stock 8 ball flat bearing…


Oh my god.

points gun at head

A lot to learn. Let me ask you, what do you think a stock bearing means?


In light of the news that Spyy is no more, what can you guys recommend me from their throws? I’ve always been intrigued by their lineup, but never tried anything. I’d love to support them in their final hours.





El ranchero for sure