x-mas list throw


So I am making my christmas list early and I feel obligated to put a yoyo on my list (duhh). I like bigger heavier throws, and I tend to lean towards slow and smooth, but I am willing to go out of my comfort zone and and try fast. My price range is like $95-100 and would like to get a OD, YYF, SPYY, or a maybe a C3. (if you are confused, I don’t want 1 of each just 1 or the other). So what would you suggest? I am willing to go to like $105 at the most. So thanks in advance.

(Owen) #2

You like bigger throws? want a OneDrop? Look no further, this Yoyo may be just right for you!

Introducing the OneDrop © Burnside! A long spinning, stable, great grinding, smooth- *** Yoyo!

That’s right, smooth-***!

So if you were ever wondering what Yoyo to get, look no more, this Yoyo may be the one


One Drop Burnside or CODE 2, YYF Genesis, YYF Equilateral, C3 Yeah 3 and C3 Dark Sonic. If you don’t mind stepping out of those brands, the Werrd Irony JP is also amazing.



Why is the code 1 more expensive than the code 2?


They’re not made anymore. Back when it first came out, I was buying and selling them for around $70.


Also, why would Hiroyuki Sizuki have a throw in the YYF champions collection? I thought he was with YYJ.




That makes sense now. I have decided to go with the code 2. I have been wanting one for a LONG time but have never had the chance to get one until now. As usual, great advice.


Avant Garde, it is very good. Not good for grinds, but very stable and smooth. It isn’t fast but isn’t slow, which surprised me considering it’s weight. Easily my favorite YYF.


All I want for x-mas is string, bearings, and a hex wrench set(for my airsoft guns)