New yoyo

I am lookingfor a new yoyo. I have not tried much as i only have a superstar. My only preferences are full sized, very stable, smooth, and possibly not yyf as i feel i should try other companies

Code 1 or 2 by one drop. both only 100 bucks. there’s also the Burnside, or 54. heck, any one drop would be better than a yyf. I can’t be alone in thinking they have overpriced, mediocre yoyo’s.

I’d totally say Avalanche is all the above things you like.

Burnside ditto.

I’ll post more when I check my collection later on haha

Who has overpriced throws? Yyf or one drop?

He means YYF. Which I kinda don’t agree with but do aswell. Things like the superstar I see as a bit overpriced, great yoyos but gimmickie yoyos (I hate hubstacks).

But on the other hand you have amazing yoyos like the supernova or genesis which rival CLYW throws (in my mind).

Back on topic, Try out the code 1 or 2, Code 2 was one of my first and still a great contender in my collection today.