Which One?

Hi, my name is Zhorik and I have been yoyoing for a while. I have used mostly cheap yoyos but I have decided to drop some money on a “good” one.
Here are five companies companies I have chosen : CLYW, One Drop, SPYY, Crucial, and RecRev.
My budget is 80 to 120$, and I play 1A. If you guys can give me your favorites, and why they are your fav that would be awesome. Opinions on General Yo Majesty would be helpful also. :wink:

I wish my name was that cool. Anyways, any yoyo from any of those companies will be good.

CLYW: Chief
OD: Cascade
SPYY: Supra or Pro
Crucial: Al-la-mode (my main throw right now)
RecRec: honestly you can’t go wrong with their metals or derlin

BUT if you have the money, get the Deadly Sins WRATH. One of the best throws I have played with .

I’ll jump in and recommend the One Drop CODE2. It was designed by a community member in collaboration with Shawn and David at One Drop and has become one of the most widely praised yoyos the industry has seen in the past 2 years. It is very stable, long spinning, nimble, and comfortable to catch, so it’ll be a perfect fit for whatever you plan on using it for.

Yes. Just yes. You can’t go wrong with a code 2. Also, if you have the money, the chief is amazing.

Yeah I really like the look of the Code2. I’m seriously in love with the look of the Cheif though.