New yoyo that's NOT YYF!


My price range 50~120 $. I really want to get a CLYW or a One Drop. So only give me recommendations in those brands please.


The CLYW Gnarwhal is great. It’s probably my favorite yoyo. The new run looks amazing.

The One Drop Code 2 is also great. The side effect system is really fun too.


I havent had the pleasure to throw a CLYW, but the OneDrop Code 2 is my favorite yoyo.


Cascade if you prefer midsized. It just seems so right.


Pretty much anything from either of those two companies is going to be a winner. Just pick a size you prefer, a colour way you like and away you go. That said, my personal fave from the two brands would be the One Drop CODE 2.




Anything One Drop.
Anything CLYW.

Enjoy. They are all great. Get it today on sale. I just ordered a Clareview Gnarwal. I might sell my mix-halves Gnarwal when it arrives.


My three favorite yoyos are
Code 2, Cascade, Gnarwhal
I HIGHLY recommend all three of these.


New run Gnarwhal is not that great.


Thank you keep it comming!


I hope the one I just ordered is decent. I’m just not digging the mis-matched halves on the one I have and I like the idea of “new in the box”.

We shall see. Again, hope I get lucky with the Gnarwal I just ordered.


i have little experience with CLYWS, so i cant help ya there. onedrop on the other hand…


my personal fav is the dietz. but its not something i would recommened. its kinda an aquiered taste imo. light, undersized, unique shape. its awesome, but not something i would recommend.


pretty cool, large shape. the weight is easily changed by the side effect system. pretty user friendly, but kinda an aquiered taste again imo.

very user friendly . “Easy to like” kinda similar to the dv888 imo if you have tried that before. just a bit more rounded. side to effect system.

Well its a pocket throw. its decent, not gonna recommened it.

Code 1:
havent tried it. seems to be a nice, solid throw.

havent tried it. seems to be a nice and light throw.

its awesome. its big, it spins forever. very fun to play with. and for only $85 too!


Code 2:
DING DING DING!!! here ya go. veeeerrrryy easy to like! its very hard for someone NOT to like it imo, regardless of preferences. nice, comfy shape, cool grooves, thumb grinding area, full sized, side effects. everything you need!

I RECOMMENED THE CODE 2!!! :slight_smile:


I’m probably going to get a Code 2!!! :smiley:Thanks for your recommendations!!!:blush:


Code 2, excellent choice!
I have one for sale or trade, just thought I’d put that out there.
link in my signature.(Not trying to spam.)


Sorry to double post. Good luck on the Code 2, it’s a great throw!