Which do you prefer: One Drop or CLYW

Although I don’t have a very informed opinion, I think One Drop is better. I have heard One Drop’s Code 2 is just as good, if not better, than any CLYW yoyo and it’s cheaper. What do you guys think?

I like One Drop best. I’ve owned or played prototypes of most of the models and feel the most connected to them because of that. I also think the side effects are brilliant though I typically don’t change them that often anymore.

Both are amazing brands making amazing products.

Therefore, I refuse to choose.

No, seriously. They make different products and don’t cleanly compete with each other.

One Drop’s Side Effects system allows one to inexpensively(well, relatively speaking) customize the center weight of a yoyo to make it perform more to your liking. Granted, not all models do this. The Burnside lacks this and yet is a super amazing yoyo. I rarely change from the stock side effects. However, for the Code 2, I found I like it best with the disc side effects. I have another I keep completely stock.

Right now I don’t know what’s going on with CLYW. The prices raised, but the quality hasn’t necessarily increased, but it certainly isn’t lacking in any way either. I think Chris at Caribou has been holding off on some designs, and based on the insanely good response to the Chief, he went ahead and brought out the AC, the GE and now the Puffin. For a small company like CLYW, 5 NEW models in a year is a LOT.

However, One Drop has brought out a lot within the past year too. Dang, Dietz, Code2, new side effects, Burnside, Cascade. I’m trying to scare up the cash to get a YFactor and hopefully secure a Project as well.

Both of these are brands I like and will continue to purchase. The only thing that’s important si taht you find what you’re looking for regardless of brand.

i have VERY little experience with CLYW yoyos. I can’t really say.

I got plenty of both. Too bad you’re not near me. You could try most of what both brands have to offer.

Then you could form an opinion.

What is your favourite yoyo out of One Drop and Claw? Also, what are the major differences between the two, shape, size, feel?

One Drop.

This is going to sound rather insane, but every CLYW yoyo I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried many of them) didn’t really impress me. Don’t get me wrong - they make very high quality stuff that appeals to a lot of people, but none of their yoyos really fit my style.

I have used/owned more CLYW than I have One Drop. I would really love to own more of both, as I love the throws each of them produce. I like them about equally. The advantage of One Drop though is the realistic prices. You almost have to get a CLYW off the BST for it to worth it because they are so expensive. I would need to own more of both to make a more accurate assessment, though. Both companies are great and have done wonders for the community.

Any answer to this question is going to be purely subjective and based solely on a persons preference. That being said, I have quite a collection of both of these brands. iI have 6 CLYWS and 5 One drops. just because I have more CLYWs doesn’t meann that I prefer them though. They are both amazing companies. Though the Chief is probably one of the better yoyos to come out in recent months,I still find myself picking up my code 2 more often. and in the larger scheme of things iI think I pick up my One drops more often period. While the Caribous are amazing yoyos in their own right, I feel that One drops are more player friendly, and easier to just pick up and throw. The CLYWs are the show ponies in the collection while the one drops are the work horses. I have yet to buy a One drop and be disappointed in its play, while on the other hand, I’ve had several CLYWs that I was not too impressed with.
I love CLYW and they makee somee dang good yoyo, but ill always be a One drop loyalist.

What would you guys say are the biggest factors that One Drop or CLYW are better than the other. Is it shape, price, one drops side effect system, all of these together?

I currently have yoyos of both, and I guess it depends on the day. My tastes change daily. Some days I pick my Arctic Circle, other days one of my 3 54’s.

I guess all I have to say is that I don’t prefer either over the other., as I play them about equally.

Definitely price.

These two brands along with General Yo are all I own now… I have owned 36 One Drop’s and 23 CLYW’s this includes each and every model of both companies. I now own 6 of each company. I originally gravitated to CLYW based on the colorways and crazy designs and well the mojo that surrounded them when I started back in August of 2010. I also noticed that One Drop had something about them as well. Something simple and minimalistic that I liked…

To me both serve a different and well needed place in my collection. My One Drops are more close to my heart though. Why? well its a cross between the yoyos they make, the community they serve and the way in which they run their company. From a play standpoint well that is totally subjective. Both play great but serve different masters. As of late CLYW have been more geared to competition style throws (Sas, Ava, Chief and AC just to name a few) While One Drop tends to design more functionality in their throws… The CODE1 and 2 are EXCELLENT choices for a competion as well as the Burnside too.

When I compete I always throw what I feel most comfortable with and that has been a One Drop each and every time. Again, just my preference though.

My favorite yoyo is the CODE2…

One Drop Side Effects are the best thing to happen to yoyo design since the ball bearing was introduced back in the late 80’s early 90’s…


I love both, but if I could only use one of those two company’s yoyos, it’s a no brained for me. CLYW.

CLYW is the best. But you can’t go wrong with either.