so ive been yoing for a while now about 5 months and i love it .ive tried alot of yoyos and so far i found my favorite to be a onedrop gradient due to the shape and weight . but ive been really curious why everyone is soo interested in clyw? i thought about getting one but $100+ is alot to spend just to try it.
if someone could shed some light on why they’re so great or favorited amongst alot of people , that’d be great thanks !

Preferences. People throw out the term floaty a lot but it really just means more centerweight. I’m personally not a fan of theirs. Onedrop also manufactures their throws so you’re getting the same precision in both throws. I say go for the gradient if you tried and liked it.

If you’re getting a splash gradient though I’d rather pick up a irony JPX. I think it’s overall more stable and a better performer. I believe yye is due for some more but the solid gradient at $80 are a nice price.

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is there anywhere else i can pick up a jpx ? just in case yye doesnt get any soon.

The JPX is a hot seller, and I haven’t been able to find one out there. I personally liked the earlier version, JP, because it was a bit heavier. But, as far as CLYW goes, I would suggest that you try not to worry too much about it. There are a lot of reasons why people like CLYW. Some like their designs, some like their anodizing, some like the people involved with the company. Bottom line - they make some nice yoyos. But if you feel the cost is a bit too high, don’t feel like you’re missing out on something. If you’ve found a yoyo that you enjoy, stick with it. The “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” mentality is all too common. You can try a bunch of different yoyos only to find that the one you liked in the first place was the best one for you. Keep throwing, because that’s what you enjoy, not the brand of the yoyo.


I find clyw a bit overhyped. you would be much better off not being swallowed in the fanclub. They make good yoyo, just not what i feel are worth the price.

8CLYW is amazing they make really good yoyo’s the’ve got really good people working for them. One of the reasons I really like them is there a very small company so they pay attention to every little detail. Evan the box art CLYW boxes are some of the mos beutiful boxes I’ve ever seen. Its little things like that that make me love CLYW so much its just the over all feel of what they do. Do there yoyo’s play better? No not really you could pick up a one drop yoyo for less money and have just as much fun with it same with yoyofactory. The Shutter plays as good as a Chief there just different.

So no if you like OD you don’t need a CLYW at all but if you want to get one go for. Yes they are expensive but some of us(including me) like that kinda thing. But if your more into the budget mettles than go for it.

Pssssss whisper i throw my usa shutter about as much as my chief that is nearly 3 times the price

Get a gradient .

Way Cheaper and plays just as good

CLYW’s yoyos are always really good, imo. However, I do think the company is “over-hyped.”

Your best bet is to ask yoyoexpert as I believe they mentioned in a previous post that they had a shipment on the way

I am a CLYW fanboy, I will usually try to buy a CLYW before I buy anything else, even if it means waiting to find a rarer model, or a new run to be made.

That being said, they play just like any other high end company. Smooth And long spinning. The shapes, splashes, and weight distribution make them feel a bit different on the string, but they don’t play like god’s gift to yoyoing. My Caesar is the best playing yoyo I own/ever played, it has a crazy awesome ano, it comes with a carry pouch, I just tuned it to have literally zero vibe with the fingernail test…

… And it was $110 brand spanking new from good ol’ billybob’s


CLYW throws play amazing, but so do cheaper throws. It’s up to you if you like the shape, feel on the string, back story, etc…

Because you can get something way cheaper that plays just as well if you don’t care about bacon, great throws, great people, cool boxes, fun, and maple syrup

Still on the way! We have a few JPX coming in with new shipment of blueprint string, but looking at the way they sold initially and with the demand for new JPX i’m sure they’ll be gone as soon as they’re announced online. Most will have to wait for the new run of JPX to be produced, and unfortunately we have no clue what the ETA will be for them.

Warning on the Jpx, watch out for the rims, they hurt