Help deciding what OD and CLYW to buy


I’m fairly new to yo-yos and haven’t bought a OD or CLYW yo-yo yet. Just looking for a little help deciding which one. I’m not a fan of organic shaped and and don’t want anything to similar to what i already have which is; Wide Shutter, Edge, K-Edge, Boost, Czech point pivot, Marco.


You have quite a nice selection already in terms of shapes and sizes!

Ironically I would recommend that you get an organic, probably the OneDrop MMC – it’s the only serious shape not represented by what you have already!

Beyond that I can recommend a modern CLYW: Borealis, Kayak, Puffin, Compass. All are kinda similar in shape … one of my (small) beefs with CLYW is that their stuff is all kinda variations on a theme to me. OneDrop explores more extremes, if you really don’t want the MMC (but truth, it is amazing) then I’d say go for the TopDeck or Kuntosh 5000QV.


Thank you so much. Personally i’m leaning towards CLYW and was wondering why you recommended those four.


I feel those are the most modern, recent CLYW releases. Some of the older 2-3 year prior CLYW stuff feels like throwbacks. To be honest I’m not a huge CLYW fan because of the relative lack of diversity in their designs, but it’s a minor complaint… the quality and worksmanship is super high.

Throw the Dune on that list too :wink:


This helps a lot thanks.


I think the CLYW Chief would give you a real solid feel of how CLYW is as a company. That’s a great “gateway” CLYW, it’s about as CLYW as you can get :slight_smile:


Whats the difference between the Borealis and the Borealis 2

(Choncworth) #8

Out of those two brands, One Drop Allday.

Kuntosh 5kQV
Top Deck
Dang 2


The Vtwo is the only one drop yoyo that seems interesting to me right now


In the One Drop line; if you like v shapes more; get the VTwo. If you lean towards more classic rounder shapes; get an Overture.

If you have the money; get both: a VTwo and an Overture.

They are 2 perfect examples of why One Drop doesn’t feel any sense of urgency to produce bi-metal Yoyos. Flawless craftsmanship from One Drop.

If you want a CLYW; you almost can’t go wrong; no matter what you pick. Get a Dune(Anthony Rojas sig…) and you will wonder why you didn’t already have one. If you want bi-metal; get a Blizzard.

If you decide you changed your Brand preference; get any one of these three YYF yoyos: Edge Beyond, New Edge or Singularity. They are simply amazing.


I’ve narrowed it down to: Dune, Borealis, Compass, and VTwo. Which one?

(Andre Hurtado) #12

I’ve only had the opportunity to play a dune and a borealis, dune is a great player, shutter-ish vibes, while borealis is a great one for tech, imho I’d go for the borealis

(Choncworth) #13

Ask someone who has a CLYW throw “Hey, who made that yoyo?” The actual human who machined it, not brand. They won’t be able to tell you. China somewhere…

Ask someone who has a OD the same question,
the answer is Shawn out in Oregon.

Oh and One Drop used to machine CLYW yoyos. So if it’s an old CLYW that’s what’s up.

One Drop Allday. So again, the VTWO, plus 7075 rocks.


Does anyone have feed back for the Compass?


Common error, but it’s actually the MC, and MN before that. No double M


I guess, but check out the capitalization on the YYE store page…

With its more hotdog like, less hamburger like shape and its unique sorta smells like ‘uhyuns’ feature, the MarkMont Classic may strike you as a little odd

and same thing on the onedrop page…

<title>MarkMont. Classic - One Drop YoYos</title>


Mark himself calls it MC and MN, that’s where I heard it

(Rock Shouse) #18

Hard to argue the fact quoted language used on the YYE site! …People always use slang!

(Zakai) #19

The OD Dang2 is good from what I hear.

({John15}) #20

Compass is a good yoyo. But I found it to be kind of meh. It’s a grind machine, with a silky smooth finish. Finger spins, finger grinds, thumb grinds.

But I really don’t reach for mine all that much. Again, it’s a solid yoyo, I personally just find it kind of boring…