Help me decide

I want to buy a new yoyo, and i don’t know what yoyo, can you recomend me a yoyo have a confortable shape, good spinning, doesn’t matter the price

Well, there are a few popular yoyos. The Onedrop Code2 has always been liked. It has extreme stability and is quite long spinning. The Caribou Lodge (CLYW) Chief is also popular, though it’s more expensive. I personally own a Onedrop Cascade, it’s not the longest spinning, but it is REALLY comfortable. Those are the more mainstream companies, but I don’t really know that much about the smaller companies. Comfortable is an opinion, some like the Code2, some don’t. As you will soon find out, most yoyos above around $80 will be great, just get what you think looks the best. Some yoyos are faster-feeling than others, like the Chief feels faster than the Code 2 in my opinion.

I have a 7075 Chief, a YYF Genesis, YYF Catalyst, YYJ Dark Magic 2, and a YYF Dv888. The Chief is by far the best of them all in every aspect except comfortability. That goes to the Catalyst. The organic shape of the Catalyst makes it very comfortable to hold and catch. I would recommend the Genesis though. While it is the least comfortable to catch, it is very stable and long spinning, and it’s comfortable to hold.

Can’t recommend the Crucial Cupcake enough. It’s $90, comfortable in the hand, spins a good long time if you throw it right ad it comes in the COOLEST colorways… There aren’t really any downsides :wink: I would consider it. I usually buy a new throw whenever I get sick of my current one, but I’ve had this one a while and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. Think about it. The Crucial Cupcake.

Print out the product pages, tape to a wall, blindly throw darts.

Whatever gets the most dart holes, order it.

Other than that, I find the One Drop Code 2 and Burnside to meet all your needs, as well as the CLYW BvMR2, Gnarwal(if you’re into smaller stuff), the GSquared Albatross, Square Wheels Royale. The YYF Equalateral is one of my favorites and most comfortable YYF’s I have. I like V-type shapes, and if you’re budget-oriented, the sOMEThING V and Firm are amazing and stupid-cheap and still meet all your requirements. C3’s DiBase, Capless, Halo and Trident are all amazing and fare exceed their price when it comes to performance.

But, I’m not opposed to low-cost items either. I find myself mostly playing a YYJ Classic with a YYJ Speed bearing and I siliconed the response. For your requirements and “my preferences”, this one matches up very nicely.

However, everyone is different. YYE doesn’t make it easy by offing one of the largest selections of fantastic yoyos.

If he did that he would probably order a bearing by accident

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I never claimed my method was without flaws. Maybe that’s all he needs is a new bearing?

We may never know…

no, i m just tired of my yoyo

Get a chief, you will love it.

My personal favorite Is the yyf monster mines best sleep time was 1 min 34 seconds

Just about every modern bearing yoyo will spin more than long enough to get through most things you could possibly throw at it and comfort is a very individual thing because we all have different hands and slightly different ways of catching the yoyo.

Once the price gets over about $85, you can almost be certain that you’re getting a very good throw and the rest comes down to preference. If it helps at all, my favourite yoyos at the moment are my ANGLAM and the Summit.