Birthday wishes

Code 2, werd poo, 888x, Or the mayhem? I don’t think getting more than one of these will be an option (actually I am sure it isn’t).

Code 2: I have heard AMAZING things about this throw. I have ever had a one drop but this looks like a great throw.

Poo: now I’m not just choosing this because of its name cause I’ve heard some pretty good things about it. Again, never had a werd. Yoyo and would like to try one.

888x: again heard great things about this yoyo. My only yyf is a popstar and I don’t use it that much at all. This will also be my first throw with Hub stacks so that will be fun/interesting.

Mayhem: most of my collection is made up of Duncan’s but the highest end one I have is the echo and would like to take a step up for my duncans.

Weight: I would like it to be 58-60 grams and above

Width: I like semi wide to normal width.

One of the reasons I chose the 888x was because I saw you could get it with a responsive bearing and I need one of those, and it sounds and looks like it would be a great throw. So the whole reason I made you read this is because my b-day is soonish and was wanting to get a new throw and I never have the dough to get a more expensive one. I know I am just getting more specific on why I chose which throw but ya know. The reason I chose the mayhem is because I really like Duncan. So which one of these throws do yall have, wich ones do you like, how do they play? Help is taken gratefully.

Code 2 blows them all away but not trieng to be rude to anyone that likes 888x’s but i think you can cross that 1 out unless it was an 08 or 07

Of the two you mentioned, the Code 2 and the Poo are the only ones I personally have an interest in.

I have two Werrd throws, a TFL 88 Delorean and a 4XL Delorean. These are essentially identical but the 4XL has Jimmy Hats(stacks). The Poo isn’t anything like these yoyos.

The Code 2 is full sized and I think heavier and will overall have the better performance. Also, I see the Poo as being more “trendy” in the profile and not to be as classic as what I think the Code 2 will be for the future.

I have a Code 2 coming soon. No complaints, it’s just a bit complicated out of necessity. The Poo will be something I look forward to getting at or after BAC.

What’s wrong with the 888x? Also I was wondering what other throws y’all might recommend. I somehow forgot about CLYW a d was wondering what might you recommend from them. I know you are all propably gonna say that they are all great but the only thing that is a restriction is the price. I would like to stay under $100 which really only gives two choices but I might ask for one that is a tiny bit over that.

Hey everyone what spyy might you recomend that are under $100? Also, what is the diference between fools gold and normal. I saw that the fools gold was cheeper, but what does that mean. And how is the Gnarwhal ?

What’s wrong with the 888x? Nothing that I’m aware of. For me, it’s just not an item I am interested in.

FoolsGold CLWY’s: I think that’s their name for B-grades. From what I hear, pretty much nothing wrong with them except maybe flaws in the anodization. Gnarwal? Those are gnarly and you should get one!

These days, I let the OP make their own recommendations and work from there. BUt, i’m happy with a DM2 any day of the week despite having 11 CLYW’s and soon 8 OD’s and other $100+ yoyos.

If you want some suggestions:
The Square Wheels Royale when it comes out.
The Albatross.

And I know where there’s a few Code 2’s waiting for a new home and I may have to adopt one myself!

Who makes the Square Wheels Royale? What spyy throws would you guys suggest. I like to have a few of options to choose from so i need more input please. I know there are a lot of companies that I wouldn’t usually pay attention to due to price but now I have a small window of opurtunity to get a pricier throw.

Who makes the Square Wheels Royale? Square Wheels makes the Royale. They aren’t out yet. I got mine for testing and I really enjoy it.

If you can find a SPYY Solaris… man that would be sweet.

any other sugestions? Come on peoples i needs options. please :-[

You gave us options. I think it’s best when people start with something and then let us advise based on what you’re interested in.

I don’t have my wants list right now. So, get a Peak. There. Said it.

I know i will make myself sound like a total noob, but who makes the peak?

CLYW It is very hard to get and expensive. And this is just my opinion, but I don’t like it for the price

Perhaps take a look at the whole lineup of all these manufacturers her on YYE and see what you like. then work from there

So I have decided to choose one yoyo from a couple of cOmpanies and then start narrowing it down to one yoyo. I know I am going to do OD, CLYW, werrd, and maybe YYF. So now I am wondering what other companies you might recommend. I don’t want to many though, maybe 6 or 7. I have an idea of which throws I will choose from the companies mentioned above, like I will definitely have the code two on there. So again what pther brands not throws do you like.

the only problem with the CLYW throws and the Code 2 are the only place you will be able to find them are on the B/S/T. The Code 2 i think would be the absolute best option. i think i saw a red mint Code 2 on the B/S/T for like 90 bucks

I know a shop with a few Code2’s left, DOMESTICALLY!

The problem is amazingly complex and simple at the same time:

There’s a lot of great stuff out there. Many companies, many models. Really narrowing it down is tough. Narrowing it down blind sucks. By that, I mean: What have you played that you don’t own that you have liked?

In my case(yoyo case), are many OD’s, CLYW’s and other stuff, both “great” and “Crap” and everything in between. At any meet I attend, anyone, WITH my permission, is welcome to try any yoyo I have, regardless of price or condition. This may be the only time people get to play some of these. And with a growing collection, that will mean more to try as the collection grows and I keep going to meets. So, someone such as myself who is willing to let people try without any pressure to buy(because I’m NOT selling or trading, I’m KEEPING! and BUYING!) is the type of mindset you need at yoyo meets and a great reason to go to meets.

Keep in mind, I’m perfectly content to throw my DM2 all day long, despite having 10 CLYW’s in my case and 1 on the way, 5 OD’s in my case and 2 on the way and 1 for a near future purchase.(Dang, blue, please? No box, just needs to be in fantastic condition(no scratches or scrapes, dings or dents) and I pay up front via Paypal! Blue preferred, will consider others, $80 firm, any takers?)

Short of having some time with the yoyo in question, honestly, how well do you know how it will work for you? I mean, let’s be serious for a few minutes, OK? You don’t. You’re HOPING, and hopefully you’re going to score good based on past experiences with what you do have and you’ve played.

There’s people who hate CLYW. There’s people who hate One Drop. Most of think these companies are amazing, myself being one of them. It’s a prefernces thing.

So, it helps US, those you’re asking for help, to help you, when you do exactly the great thing you did: limit our options to help you because you’re expressing an interest in THOSE models. I honestly wish more people would take your approach and mindset when asking for help. Yeah, limitations are, well, limiting. It also helps you avoid too much information overload.

Hey yall just thought I would tell you what i have so far. I got the gnarwhal from clyw, the super nova from yyf, the poo from werrd, and last but not least the code 2 from onedrop. Like i said that is what i have SO FAR. What other brands might you recomend.

How are the master galaxys?