should I get the C3 Cappless or the code 2?

should I get the C3 Cappless or the code 2? i like fast yoyos that feel floaty and not to big in size.


I have the Capless and although I threw a trifecta bearing in it, it was amazing right out of the box. It has a floaty feel compared to all of my other throws. With that being said, I’ve never tried a code 2 and hear that it is amazing. On the plus side, if you got the Capless you could get a trifecta for it for cheaper than the Code 2 alone.

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Hmmm. Hard choice. Let’s see.

Capless is a little bit floatier and code 2 is a little bit more stable. Emphasis on the little bit. Really hard call. I think the Capless wants to go faster than the Code 2 though, but I’m not saying that the Code 2 is slow. The Code 2 and the Capless can go both fast or slow.

Both grind great. IRG on the Code 2 is a little harder, possible but harder compared to most of my throws.

I think the Capless feels better with thick string. The Code 2 also nice with thick strings, but it goes well with normal too. I use kitty fat and normal if that matters.

The Capless also feels that it has a wider catch zone. Note that I am NOT saying that it is harder to land tricks on the Code 2, just that the Capless feels that the catch zone is wider.

Capless is capable of Finger spins, Code 2 is not. Code 2 can be ripcord when you’re using spikes Side Effects. Code 2 is capable of adjusting weight distribution due to SE.

The Code 2 feels like the bearing is a bit smoother. I’m not sure if that is psychosomatic though. Both yoyo’s are relatively quiet but produce these nice sounds.

The finish is both great on these two and they look beautiful.

If you are on the budget side I’d say go Capless. If budget is not a problem then just get both. :slight_smile:
I have read that you don’t like big yoyos though. I don’t have big hands, and these two feel big in size, not overly big, but kind of comfortably big.

Easy Choice.

Code 2.

IRG on the Capless doesn’t exist. You can do that kind of grind only if the yoyo is at an angle, and then it does sit on the thumb decently enough.

Love my Capless, but I bought it when I WAS looking for something in that budget range. If someone held both out to me at the time and said “Without trying them first, pick one, and you get to keep it” I probably would have taken the Code 2.

With no Code 2 to compare against, though, I don’t know if that would’ve ended up being the right choice or not. :wink:

I highly prefer the Capless.

Code 2 all the way.

I have owned both and prefer the capless greatly.