C3 Capless vs Capsule 2


Well I finally have both my Capless and Capsule 2. Here’s how they stack up (IMO, of course):

Capless specs:
Diameter: 56.38 mm
Width: 42.13 mm
Gap Width: 5.50 mm
Weight: 65.9 grams

Capsule 2 specs:
Diameter: 55.40 mm
Width: 41.45 mm
Gap Width: 4.20 mm
Weight: 68 grams

I’ll start with the weight, because that’s one of the first things I noticed when comparing these two. The Capless feels very light (but not too light), and, dare I say it, floaty. Whereas the Capsule plays much more solid.

Though the Capless is only a smidge bigger than the Capsule spec-wise, it looks much bigger in person. Which is to say it makes the Capsule look inferior by comparison. I think it has something to do with the profile; the Capsule is a little bit more angular.

That being said, I found the Capless to be more comfortable. It just feels ‘softer’. The cup design on the Capless is much simpler, making the Capsule look clunky and too complex.

They both play wonderfully, though. The 'Less feels like a cloud whereas the the 'Sule plays like an arrowhead. Soft and gentle versus slow (yet quick at the same time), sturdy, and powerful.

The Capless doesn’t have an IRG, which slightly annoys me. The Capsule, however, does. But it’s too far into the cup and my thumb touches the hub during grinds - also annoying.

Both have magnificent anno, though. And though it looks shiny and ungrindable, both have tiny, tiny grooves that works decent for grinds. Not the best, but it works.

The gap is vastly different in size. The Capless has this gigantic gap that may just be too big. With fresh pads binds are good, but laceration binds are quite slippy. On the other end of the spectrum, the Capsule 2 has a smallish gap. I feel that with broken in pads it’ll be perfect.

*Something strange I noticed: I was unable to use a Center Track or concave bearing in my Capless. Though both bearings spun perfectly fine, while throwing, I would hear strange clinking sounds. I suspect that the outer lip of the bearings were catching on part of the bearing seat, but I’m not sure. Nevertheless, the only bearings I can use in the Capless are flat bearings, which sucks a bit, because I’m a sucker for concaves.

Overall I prefer the Capless. Maybe that’s due to the fact that I like big and light yoyos. I typically don’t like ‘cheap’ yoyos, but the Capless plays like it’s $100+, so maybe it tricked my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to say the Capsule isn’t a fantastic yoyo, because it is. I’m just befuddled as why it costs almost twice as much as the Capless.

If anybody wants to buy my Capsule 2, I’m selling it for $100. Or make me an offer :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the comparison! I’ve been wondering what the differences were between the two yoyos.


Nice job Links. All reviews and comparison threads should have pictures.
Im using Trixta string on my Capless at the moment (which is pretty darn thick) and I still have an issue with laceration binds.


Was able to get myself a Capless when it popped up on the B/S/T the other day, should be here by tomorrow. Can’t wait to play it!


Thanks. What bearing are you using in it? I’m wondering if anyone is having the same trouble I have with ‘specialty’ bearings. I’m pretty sure I ran my old Capless with a Center Trac, so Idk if C3 changed something or I just got a weird one.


Just got a capless in the mail this morning, haven’t put it down all day. I love this thing! It looks and plays amazing.

I think that bearing problem might be just the one you have, as I ran my capless with a twisted trifecta bearing for a couple hours and had no problems. I did switch out the bearing for a normal one drop 10 ball, I actually like it better with a flat bearing.


I tried a different concave and it worked just fine. So I’m not sure what the problem is lol. Either wonky bearings so a messed up Capless. Or both :stuck_out_tongue:

Still spins, so I’m ok with it.