C3Yoyo Design Capless Review by NJStringer


C3Yoyo Design Capless Review by NJStringer

Butterfly shape
65.9 grams
56.38 mm diameter
42.13 mm width
5.50 gap
Stock Bearing: C size standard 8 ball bearing
Stock Response System: C3 silicone response

Material: aluminum
Price at time of review: $65 (excludes shipping costs)

In the Box:
C3Yoyo Design Capless
1 poly string

The review Capless I received came in a brilliant red anodized finish with a gold splash. C3Yoyo Design has always impressed me with the colorway offering that can be found. While some companies choose a handful of colors and splashes, C3Yoyo Design never ceases to impress me with not only the choices offered but with the awesome color combinations carried out with each yoyo release. Some of the release colors offered include a green with purple splash, burgandy and black with acid wash, blue with silver splash, purple with green splash and a brown and black. Capless production runs appear to be small so each colorway offered will more than likely be somewhat of a collectors item considering the limited numbers produced. And have I mentioned the price? No, usually I don’t…but when you hold the Capless, when you throw the Capless you will not believe that this is in the range of “budget” throws that are going to cost you $65 and still play with the stability and quality of a throw costing upwards of $100.


The Capless features a wonderfully minimalistic design that maintains the idea that often less is more. The simple, organic, butterfly shape makes for a comfortable throw in hand which should be expected with such a design. The Capless feels light in hand despite being nearly 66 grams total weight…but again, when you compare the Capless to other yoyo’s in a similar weight range you can see how weight distribution during the design process can really alter the feel in hand. Unlike the standard butterfly shape however the Capless’ catch zone is not comprised of a single, convex surface but an elegantly designed 2-step area that is barely noticeable upon first inspection. The 2-step catch zone transitions to a flat wall before reaching the response groove and bearing seat. Following the rim outwards towards the bowl there are multiple steps that lead towards the unassuming and yet beautifully simple flat section of the bowl itself; again, a classic design. The Capless does not offer either an IGR nor a matador spike so in terms of play this throw will either put you in line with learning or perfecting your mainstream freestyle play and grinds depending on your skill level. Despite the exclusion of the IGR or spike the build of the Capless is solid and pleasant and focuses on quality of both build and spin time. The finish however is grindable and has a wonderful feel to it that not only screams quality but durability which seems to really be a great selling point with C3Yoyo Design’s collection. One interesting thing to note about the overall build of the Capless is that the gap is on the wider side. Such a gap width is going to allow for more layers of string and a difference in response that translate into some seriously fun play. A wide gap also will handle thicker string such as Dragon String or BG1 which when combined with this particular throw means it handles a variety of strings quite well without sacrificing the benefits of being able to choose your string thickness.

On a Throw:

Upon receiving the review Capless I had a feeling that, much like all of the C3 throws I have played it was going to handle at the end of the string beautifully. The rim weight, butterfly shape, wide gap and incredible balance make for a throw that I would be happy to pay upwards of $100 for and yet when you see the price tag on this throw you can’t help but do a double take - it plays like a much more expensive throw. Spin time is amazing thanks to the rim weight and the halves are so precisely machined that there is nothing but smooth spin on a throw - no vibe, no pulse - just beautifully smooth spin. The Capless can handle such incredible spin time that its design stability coupled with this factor means that it really will play for a good length of time even in the hands of a less experience player. These combined attributes mean the Capless is a great introductory metal for beginners making a move from plastics. Palm grinds are surprisingly easy when a throw can carry so much spin and has such a wonderful finish like the Capless.The near 66 grams of weight handle incredible well on the string and transitions between mounts are just as smooth as the spin time the Capless offers. Moves on the string are floaty thanks to the distribution of weight and it can be played with finesse or pushed to high speed play - a factor that I appreciate so very much because it means the Capless is a versatile player; fast or floaty play within the same routine can be quite impressive. Thanks to the incredible balance of the Capless’ butterfly shape this throw is incredibly forgiving which again are wonderful for those moving their first metal or intermediate players looking to bulk up their trick arsenal. Again, a throw this stable and fun could easily sell for more than a sticker price of $65 but hey why complain?

Stock Bearing and Response:

The stock bearing and response in the Capless are the same as many other C3 throws which means you get that same quality as say the Dark Sonic bearing and response in a throw that is priced lower. The stock bearing spun true out of the box and remains smooth to this day. The C3 response pads break in beautifully and even on the first few throw they did not feel too grippy which may be due to the slightly wider gap. But overall, as always, I am very pleased with the response system. I’ve mentioned it in other reviews for C3Yoyo Design but its always good to mention again…the C3 response lasts a very, very, very long time. I have yet to change out my response in my Sceptre which I’ve been playing on the side for months now when not playing a review throw and there is no noticeable difference in consistency of my binds at all. Should you however opt to go flowable in the Capless it will handle it beautifully and with a recessed silicone job done well the unresponsiveness of the throw will increase should you want to head that route.

In the End:

The Capless by C3Yoyo Design maintains the company’s high standards of quality and design while honoring the traditional butterfly shape that has been paramount in rocketing the hobby from the depths banality to the amazing sport that it has become today. From a beautiful, solid build and eye-catching finish to incredible play the Capless is a throw to own that won’t hurt your wallet nor see you eating out of the snack machine for lunch in order to save up for your next quality throw.


The Capless is probably one of C3’s best kept secrets. They could easily charge $100 for it and I’d still be happy to pay it. Great review and as usual, some very nice photos too.



i’m really loving this one, great performance for a good price. especially the finish, it’s really grindable and hard, i’ve introduced mine to the floor a few times, and usually bits of the floor stick to the yoyo, not the other way around.


I’m happy to take your word on that!



Nice review. Thanks for putting it together.

@Sniffyo on twitter


Great review. I love this yoyo too.


Much agreed… Super good yoyo