My C3 Capless Review

 Hello all you members out there!  This is my first review so please try not to rip me to shreds in the comments...  Ill try my best to give a good and solid review that can hopefully get you to check the C3 Capless out.  With that said, lets get started!


 When I first got this throw in the mail, I had no clue it would show up on my doorstep so fast.  A bit surprised at this new arrival, I ran to my room to tear open the little package that I now held.  After a quick match with the box, I had finally released the matte plastic box from the package.  I opened the box to find my first true metal throw sitting there in all its blue/silver speckled glory.  I frantically tied a slipknot in the neon yellow string and gave it a quick throw.  WOW.  This throw was dead smooth right out of the box and just sat there on the end of my string waiting obediently for me to do something with it.  After a quick bind, I inspected the colors on the throw more closely.  Hands down this is probably one of the most beautiful throws to ever have been made.  In fact, I did a few glamour shots for this piece of art.  (I have a link to an image of the throw right here )  As you can see, this is one gorgeous piece of metal.  The blue and silver speckle is set on a polished surface and not a matte grinding finish.  (the finish isn't really the greatest  for grinds but it won't be a huge problem in a pinch.)  I really can't speak for the other colorways of this yo-yo but I am sure that if my throw looks this good, C3 probably did the same phenomenal job with every color scheme.  I threw the yo-yo again and was again impressed with a vibe free spin.  (Now before I get deeper into this review, I must say that I'm at an slightly-advanced/advanced skill level and tricks like Grandma Kimmet Sandwich and others are a bit over my head but I believe I can still give a good impression on what this thing can do and what it feels like...)  With the throw finally in my hands, I started to put it through its paces.


 This throw can be basically summed up in one word.  SOLID.  Two words?  ROCK SOLID.  This throw is very stable and really gives you some authority over the minutia of very technical tricks.  This throw also plays like a heavier yo-yo would while being only of an average weight.  This combination of weighty-ness and its solid feel really make it difficult to play really fast with it.  I tried a quick "Skin the Gerbil" as fast as I could muster and could not once push it to go as fast as my YYF Plastic Severe.  (Maybe a review/tutorial on that throw later?)  I then compared it to my CLYW Avalanche and found that the Capless still was feeling a bit on sluggish side.  If you are a player that really can't live with a slow throw, please look elsewhere.  ((side-note) How in the world does the C3 Team get the Capless to go so incredibly fast in their promo vid? O_o )  As far as spin time is concerned, you can expect 4-5 minute sleepers and combos that clock in around a minute and a half.  I had a center track bearing from my avalanche that I was itching to try out in this throw.  After I swapped the bearings, the Capless seemed to have a bit more difficulty binding but that was the only thing I really noticed...  The Capless excels at anything from whips and slacks to multi-layer string tricks and hops.  


 To sum up this review, I will give you some ratings that reflect what this throw excels at and what it really isn't too hot at.

(scale is from one to ten)

WHIPS: 8.5/10
SLACKS: 8/10
GRINDS: 5/10

VALUE: 9.5/10

(you get the picture…)

To sum it all up, this is one GOTTA HAVE throw when it only $65 brand new. I highly reccomend grabbing this one while you still can!

Cheers, Dustin.


Nice review!

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Thanks you much!

your welcome :slight_smile:

Well done good sir.

I bought the teal and siver one when it first came out,but it got stolled from me on the bus and i niver got it back…so,what did i do? I BOUGHT ANOTHER ONE!!! this time i got the blue/silver speckle like you and then two weeks later added a twisted trifecta bearing.HOLY MEGA yolo is that combo good, it seems to lighten the play of the yoyo and helps it spinn longer.( i also find that I am able to push it just as fast as the plastic severe,however, the plastic severe can be push fast with much less effort…)

great review! the Capless was my first metal too and I will never let go or put it down.
thanks alot!

It was my first newly-purchased metal, coming hot on the heels of my first metal, a Kyo DNS.

I played it some just yesterday, and it really stands up. I had a period of time where I was less impressed with it, but it turns out that it was just the particular style or set of tricks I was trying to learn. A bit of “time off”, back to playing the Capless, and it’s just a wonderful yoyo.

Agree about the solidity of it… I was astonished when someone described it as “floaty” recently… it is anything but floaty. I don’t mind that, though; I don’t find “floatiness” to always be a sought-after characteristic in a yoyo.

Not sure about the whips/slacks quantification… that depends more on the string than the yoyo, except when it comes to rejecting a bit of slack; Capless isn’t bad at all for rejections.

Your not kidding… That thing plays like a semi with helium balloons on it…

and btw thanks for all the positive feed back!