Good C3yoyodesign Throws

Hey, I am looking to get my first C3yoyodesign yo-yo. What is the best C3 yo-yo that is under $130? I like long spinning, and stable throws that also correct bad throws. I am leaning toward the Trident or Glitter right now. Can you give me your opinions?

Thanks for your time! ;D

Capless, or Trident for sure!

Trident is much more solid and is just super competition feel.

Capless is between floaty and solid. Has a nice feel, and easy to maneuver.

Both are stable and long spinning!

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Get a capless and you will not regret it just get some extra response pads cause mine came outage get a od 10 ball and you will have smooth floaty play for a lot less that the trident

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Get a capless!

It feels like I recommend this throw at least once a day. It is really that good for the price!!

I have one for sale is my BST;)
You like that plug I did right there??

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lol ;D

I’ve owned a dark sonic, yeah 3, trident, winning bird, berserker, capless, token, h5xchief, alpha crash and master galaxy

I can definitely say of those throws the trident was my favorite player. The master galaxy is also a super fun throw but not exactly a player.

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I have tried a lot of C3 throws and they all seem very well designed and very high quality. I love my Capless, Halo, Yeah3, and Dark Star. Go with whatever you are most attracted to. You won’t go wrong.

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I’ve owned a Dark Star, Yeah3, Di Base, Halo, Glitter, Berserker, Alpha Crash, and Capless. I’m yet to be disappointed by any of the C3s I’ve purchased. Can’t go wrong with C3.


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Thank you to everybody that gave me advice on what throw to get. I ended up going for the Trident. I did not go for the Capless because I had a lot money, I really liked the Trident’s ano, and I did not really like the shape of the Capless.

Thanks again! ;D

Just for the sake of posterity, let me throw out there that I do not consider the Capless floaty, at all.

Don’t get me wrong-- I LOVE this yoyo! I’m not saying that it’s not floaty as a negative thing. But I think it has the kind of string presence that an Avalanche has… it’s not a brick on a string, but nor is it what I tend to think of as “floaty”.

Get a Dark Sonic. It is long spinning and stable while still very fast. It just isn’t my cup of tea.

The capless is a great throw, i wouldnt call it floaty like greg said. Its fun for a while, but once you try some higher end stuff you may not feel the need for it anymore. I cant stand to throw my capless now, but at first i loved it. For the price though its really solid.

It comes and goes. For a while I wasn’t in the mood for its non-floatiness and I thought, “Maybe I should sell this along”. But then the other day I picked it up for the heck of it and I was like, “Capless! You still rock!” and give it a yoyo-sized hug.

I think it’s going to be a good friend for learning horizontal.

The Capless is my favorite C3 out of the c3s ive tried: The Master Galaxy, the Yeah3, the DiBase and the Halo.

Its just so great.