Wich culd i chose?


I want a c3yoyodesign throw, which one? The price doesn’t matter. I just want some reccomendations


Turning Point or YoyoRecreation


Are you buying something finally or just moving onto yet another train of thought?

You’ve been asking questions that tell me you’re unable or unwilling to make a decision or just can even focus on anything. At least you’re trying to keep the focus narrow.

My only experience with C3 is the DiBase and Halo, which I like. I want to get more from this brand. I have a Token on order. I see a Capless in my near future. After that, the next jump is around $100, and I am having problems narrowing down which one to get first. I don’t think I’ll get the Beserker though, as I have stuff up in that price range from other brands. I think anywhere from $100-120, and I’ll probably get 2 of their models in that range.


im really sorry, but I don’t have much experience of yoyos and I have many thaughts in my head, but I’m sorry sir. I apologize

(M.DeV1) #5

Well that wasn’t helpful. On topic, I would say the YEAH3. Solid play at 80 bucks.


Thank you



You have nothing to apologize for. Ask as many questions as you want. If you don’t have a lot of experience or familiarity with the different kinds of yoyos and have “many thoughts” in your head and want others ideas, that is EXACTLY what the YoYoExpert forums are for. Ask as many questions as you want about as many different yoyos as you want. Sometimes the right decision can be hard.

Don’t apologize. You have absolutely done nothing wrong. And we are thrilled to have friends in Sweden. Asking questions of more experienced players is what we want you to do so you can be more confident in your decision.


I don’t know what is your level of play, but if you are not that experienced, I would say to get a Capless, Yeah3, or if you are ready to spend a little more, than Trident or Capsule2. And later if you are getting better, get a Berserker for sure!


I’d go with the Capless or Yeah3. The Capless has a classic shape, looks amazing and plays as well as most $100+ throws despite only costing $65. The Yeah3 is slightly oversized and heavier. It’ll handle whatever you want it to and the finish is amazing for grinds.

Once you get a bit more experience or decided that you really love C3, get yourself a Berserker. The price is a bit crazy but the performance is well worth it.



Sorry if I come off harsh. Having been screwed on a few million dollars on sales of datacomm gear(like, you do the legwork, submit the proposal, then they shop it to the lowest mail order seller on a per piece), this pattern of behavior is what I see when “I want information, yet I have no intention of spending the money where I got the help from” or even really making a decision. Also, consider I am in an environment surrounded by people who waste my time and resources in order to waste money(mostly mine), I kinda get jumpy when I see certain patterns of behavior.
Take this example: I coughed up over $25K last year to have a place of business remodeled. They(the people the money was given to) chose dark colors and they took a place that had great as-is lighting to now being too dark. I said “DO NOT PAINT THE CEILING” and they did, so now it absorbs light and heat, and keeps the shop warmer in the winter, HOTTER in the summer and DARKER all the time! Also, two professional decorators gave the same advice and both also walked off the job as well. Now I’m dealing with a location that on top of the new ugly colors, is adding in newer and MORE ugly colors because they can’t figure out how to maintain any sort of brand identity and the entire business is imploding over its internal confusion going on.

Sorry. I tend to be sensitive when it comes to certain issues. Right now my issue is I’ve been given 2 weeks to do a project that they’ve know for 5 months that I need a month to get done. Due date is October 12th, and really, my due date is October 5th as I need a week of testing.

Here’s what you really need to do:

Come up with a budget. SUPER critical. Budget shipping separate. This helps control costs.

Find a bunch of models you like. List them.

State your preferences(if they exist), features you want/need/would like.

Encourage discussion regarding the models you are interested in. Make sure you make it clear that you’d like to restrict things to those models in question. People won’t listen anyways, but you gotta try or things get out of control fast.

Don’t ask “best”. There is no best. There’s only preferences that determine what is best for an individual.

Now, honestly, if you’re looking at C3, all I can say is “go for it”. With the performance of the “budget” DiBase being mind-blowingly good, I can’t imagine anything higher priced being anything less than amazing. You might want to skip the Halo, as it’s a different shape. Nearly all their shapes are V-type shapes with rim weight, giving you stability, long spins and generous catch zones. I’ve heard that many of them should be swapped to a different bearing to really open up their play potential, and a commonly recommended bearing is the KK, but the CenterTrac, Trifecta and Crucial Grooved are just a few examples of good replacements. I personally kind of prefer the KK myself. I only use grooved bearings on yoyos that tend to be snaggy to me, and C3’s don’t have that issue.

But if want a fast answer: Get any C3 around $100 with a flat rim on the inside. Can’t go wrong.

See if anyone nearby is also into yoyo. See if they’ll let you try stuff.


its okay, but its my fault to, I’ve asked aloooooot of questions.


but I want 1 smooth throw(any brand)
And one fast and smooth throw
Shape doesn’t matters. But I have so hard too decide


This is a hard thing to address. I have LOTS of smooth yoyos, but my throw the past few days has been off a bit, so nothing is coming off smooth. Seriously, most stuff is smooth these days. The YYJ plastic/metals do have a bit of vibe due to the mix of materials, which is normal for them and doesn’t affect play. If you’re looking for “smooth as glass”, forget it. Two spinning discs connected with an axle and a bearing between them? Impossible to achieve. What you will get are yoyos with almost no discernable vibe. Really, even stuff as cheap as the Magic YoYo, God Tricks and the YYF dv888 are ALL capable of this, and of course, the higher you get in in price, it’s pretty much mandatory and expected to be “dead smooth”, even though that’s impossible. All the stuff you’ve been looking at will qualify for smooth. So, that’s an easy one to put to rest.

Fast? Well, depends on how fast. The V-shapes tend to be pretty fast. The Arctic Circle is pretty speedy, as is the Monkey Fist, MVP, Phenom, Equilateral(not as fast), Firmy, Anglam, Angle and other V-type shapes. And they’ve been smooth too. The C3 yoyos can certainly move as well. A lot of stuff is just darn hard to get. The KLR is fantastic as is the Sky Walker, and both can get up there and moving, but good luck getting one.

Just smooth? Well, pick darn near anything. Seriously. Even my B-grade YYF Mutant DNA, which cost me a mere $50, is SMOOTH!! Why was it a B-grade? Some small ano flaws. Big deal! However, I would recommend a different shape for your “smooth only” to give you contrast and comparison, as well as variety. The Square Wheels Royale is really good, but so are so many other things.

One of the things to avoid:
The yoyo won’t make you improve, only you can make you improve.

You might also cut your budget down on one yoyo a bit and maybe also consider adding a Protostar or Northstar to your collection. So, instead of 2, think or 4.

However, I also think you do need to think budget. I mean, do you really want to spend $289 on an Anglam when a Burnside can do just fine? Or a Phenom? Or a $100 C3? Prices can get insane fast. I just picked up a Token from YYE for $28 and am waiting for it to arrive. I’m often just content playing a plastic yoyo while kids are going through my “case of wonders”, with access to often 72 yoyos all over $100 in value.

Since you’re also into the “discovery phase”, it may be best to blow money on a variety of affordable budget metals and plastics so you can get a bigger scope to figure out your preferences with. You can start as low as a $10 classic and maybe peak out at $65 with a DiBase or Capless. Might sound like it’s padding up the collection but what you can do is pick and choose from shapes and designs.

Like, a One, Lyn Fury, Asteroid, PSG, Stackless Grind Machine and a Starlight, Protostar or Chaser(Chaser is heavy but fast, Protostar lighter but also fast), dv888 and a DiBase. Gives you a bit of everything right there. Even add in a Legacy II if you want to.

Yes, I know I’m confusing the situation. I’m also informing you that you could spend this unlimited funding and then turn out to hate everything, even though you asked tons of questions and figured it would be a safe purchase. With big shipping dollars, and harder to unload it in Europe, it’s a big backlash if it doesn’t work out.

Regardless, I do advocate variety. Especially now. I know some people who throw only V shapes, some only H-shapes, some are brand specifics. Nothing wrong with any of that. While I have preferences, I’ll take any yoyo of any shape, size, amterial and weight and enjoy it.



thank you for all your answers!