C3yoyo expert / Asian based company experts

Trying to find someone who actually played with some of the C3yoyo’s stuff… I tried the Di Base and its awesome

Now I am thinking I want another one but so many options … any recommendation? or a go to for C3yoyo? like for example : CLYW - Chief, OneDrop - Code2 … etc … you get the point right?

Thanks … also trying to branch out of the norm and want to try some other companies … like YYRec or turning point (japanese/asian)

I like heavier throws … 66g is like perfect for my taste. Also not a fan of undersize…But open to all suggestions.

My only experience with C4YoYo is the DiBase and yes, for what it costs, it’s amazing.

I have more of their models on my wants list now.

My preferences are for full sized/almost over-sized and 67 grams and heavier. But I play stuff regularly all over the place.

All the yoyos you suggested are amazing, just hard to get right now. I really like CLYW and One Drop. it makes sense then that the GSquared Albatross is something I like as well. My experience with RecRev is the Sharp, which has a very pronounced presence when in play and at over 70 grams, it’s heavy, but it doesn’t play heavy, it just plays very “authoritative”.

It just depends on what you want to spend and what you have and what you’re going after. I’d really have to scrounge my database for my inventory and see what would line up.

Sense when was it C4?
I like the Trident.

Because they are so good, they are THE BOMB!!

Oops, yet another type-o preserved for eternity!

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I have a little bit of experience with some Asian-based yoyo companies. You mentioned YYR and Turning Point… Did you have any particular models that were catching your eye?

Hopefully I will found out soon … but c4 is funny lol… the BOMB!!!

I was looking into the trident… and Dark sonic … have you tried it?

for YYR i was thinking looking at the ones in stock here on YYE … the gleipnir or clash ? have you tried them? which one you recommend?

and turningpoint … the only one they have available is Maxbet … so I was also looking at that vs some YYR

How well does C3 compare to YYR or Turning point? … you would probably know ;D

Edit: i just realized your favorite is the CLash!!!

How does the Blink play? Tatsuya Fujisaka is my favorite player.

The trident my favorite throw.

I’ve tried a trident and i really like it too.

I think you have another option, the Positron, from turningpoint. Supposed to be some new colors coming next week.

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yea i think i might go with that …

Well let’s see… First off to address the C3 vs. YYR/TP question, I would say they’re comparable to a certain extent. In a way though, to me the C3 yoyos I’ve played seem to feel like a “cheaper” version of the Japanese throws. It’s difficult to explain why exactly, but the most readily apparent example that comes to mind is the Trident. People compare the Trident to the YYR Stargazer v2. While they do have the same diameter and width, it’s really difficult for me to say that the Trident performs on the same level. I felt that the response wasn’t as balanced (and I don’t even think the Stargazer’s response is balanced enough!) and the extra centerweight resulting from the huge axle post just gave it this clunky feel that I couldn’t get over. The Trident is a beautiful yoyo though, easily among the nicest I’ve ever seen. I also LOVE C3’s beadblast, and I stand by my comments stating that it’s without a doubt the best blast in the industry. So If you’re looking to try a C3, I’d definitely recommend going for one with a blasted finish. You gotta try it to believe it.

It’s really difficult for me to recommend any one specific YYR model. I own them all with the exception of the Maestro that just came out (still on the fence about dropping $190 on a 4A delrin throw…), and what I’ve found throughout my experience with them is that they have a way of defying what you “think” your preferences are. And the reason I say that is before I got into YYR, I was an undersized fan all the way. Nothing over 52mm. Then I played the Dreadnought G, and I knew I had to have more oversized throws.

In the midst of that phase, I thought I liked throws that were relatively wide with somewhat square proportions (size of width approaching the size of diameter… but not superwide proportions), and 65ish grams was where it’s at. Then I played the Clash and it all changed for me once again. The Clash is a thin, heavy throw. Why in the world would I love the Clash so much when my preferences are wide and mid-lightweight? You’ve got to approach it with an open mind. In my opinion, if you approach a YYR purchase with concrete numbers in mind, you may be surprised by the result. You may love it, or you just might find that the actual feel you’re looking for is somewhere way out there in left field that you wouldn’t have even expected because of being too tied down by the numbers. Of course I can’t just recommend that everyone just pick up one of every single model – believe me, it’s a time consuming and expensive task! But I personally have yet to be disappointed, so I say if you think it looks cool, go ahead and pick it up because it plays just as well.

ronster234, the Blink is definitely a great throw. I felt like the gap should have been a hair thinner for a more snappy response, but it really flies without tending to get out of control, and it’s definitely one of the most powerful throws in its size class. I personally prefer the E=mc2 because the extra rim weight seems to counter the gap width for great binds and great bounce on a throw, and it helps spin time by a small margin as well. See, again, based on my “usual” perception of my preferences, the Blink at 64g should have been my ultimate pick, but instead the 69g E=mc2 comes out on top for me.

Turning Point is a company that I hadn’t had any experience with until fairly recently. I picked up a Maxbet, and it’s definitely a top quality throw. Ultra-smooth, real solid and deliberate feel, super stable, and very comfortable as well. I really love the Solenoid though. I feel like it really gets overshadowed because it’s so similar to the Positron, but I would not hesitate to recommend it! For about the first 3 weeks I had it, I couldn’t put the Solenoid down, and it easily shot up the ranks as one of my favorites, even among all the YYRs. There are some in stock here at YYE as well, and I’ll tell you that the aqua colorway is AMAZING in person! If you’re interested, that’s definitely a great one to jump on.

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thanks ALOT!!! wish i could thank you more than once lol

I decided to either get a YYR … or Turning Point …

might be the Solenoid vs Maxbet vs Positron for turning point … (since you had a good experience on the Solenoid… i am leaning on that)


YYR Gleipnir …(they only have Gold) but maybe the Clash or Dreadnought (those two are kind of oversize but you said your taste changed lol) … i use to have a H5 from C3 and didn’t really play with it that much because it was oversized but it was still smooth … so maybe ill stay away from it as my first buy.

getting closer to my decision though … lol

Get a Positron. Supposed to be epic.

The thing with the h5 is that it’s not only huge, but it’s really heavy as well. I think if you were to ever decide on a Dreadnought, you’d be pleasantly surprised at how amazing it really plays because of it’s modest 67.5g weight. The Gleipnir is one of my favorite yyr throws as well. The curve on the rims is really comfortable, and it’s just a great powerful and deliberate player.