Turning point questions

So is turning point yoyos worth it? The price looks scary I have been looking at them but are they really worth it? Please tell me in deep detail of quality and performance.

I think YYRs are far better.

Turning Points are awesome throws. There is a certain feel to them that no other yoyo has. I seriously play my Positron more than my Sleipnir. Maxbet is super stable, Outsider is pretty floaty, Positron is stable and quick. If you have the money try one out and get one. They aren’t as popular as YYR, or don’t have that magicky feeling, but they definetely compete if not have an edge over them in some areas IMHO. They are solid, and reliable throws. The brass rimmed Leviathan outperforms a ton of YYR.(but are almost impossible to find in the states.) But YYR and Turning Point live up to the hype for sure, unlike (ahem clyw) Also yoyomonster has been putting out some impressive stuff also. They are another Japanese company that produces high performance throws. The Checkmate is amazing.

The clover I owned was a very quality throw but all turning points I’ve thrown have had a certain feel to them that I dislike. I prefer yoyomonster to them

With most Turning Points, I always gets feel that everything is absolutly perfect. YYR differes, some are awesome, some just not worth it.

And Kentaro is great guy to hang out with, so I’m happy to spend money on his products.

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The only Turning Point yoyo that i have, is the Positron. Out of all of my yoyos (16 of them), the Positron is by far my favorite. It is great for horizontal, has a long spin time, and is real smooth. I have a Chief and in my opinion, the Positron easily surpasses it. It’s a great competition yoyo also. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I only have a Maxbet, but it is a great yoyo, and so I wouldn’t say anything to dissuade you. The one thing that has put me off buying more is that I never know which TP to choose, and with me not having regular contact with other throwers, I couldn’t try them out first. What I would suggest, if the price tag looks hefty, is try and pick one up on the BST if you can. Try it out and see what you think. TP’s tend to devalue after purchase quite considerably at the moment so you may well find one cheaply on the BST, which you could probably get a similar amount in return for as long as you don’t obliterate it. That saves you having to pay full whack up front and then not being able to get a good return on your throw if you don’t like it too much. That being said, I suspect you will like whatever you choose, and like it a whole lot. Happy hunting.

I have own and tried a great deal of yoyo, in the following days i will purchase my second Leviathan 2, orange blasted because it is THAT good.

CLYW avalanche and Summit do not even compare with turning point,
their quality is top notch.

and please fanboys, cut the crap saying YYR is better than TP, wth, anyone really compared the 2? yes? no? i prefer TP, just better feel to it, better anodisation, better play. period.

TP throws are made for competition and fast paced play, YYF, CLYW and the best of yoyo jam are 10 years behind. Japanese players know this,hence the difference between a japanese collector and an american one.kinda like a pokemon trainer and a pokemon trader… lol

Japaneses see their yoyos as …well…yoyos, players, not collectibles, their prices are high and they are meant to be well taken care of and enjoyed to their fullest.

whatever you do, if you have the money (if you don’t have it just save it) get a TP , you sipmly cannot go wrong, you know the quality is there.period

I feel like turning points are boring to play its like they are specifically made for contests and nothing else. I would probably recommend staying away from them they are just boring to throw.

YYR yoyos have more soul
But even so, I felt YYR brutally MURDERS the play of Turning point yoyos.
I’ve played a great deal of em. They play well. But… They all seem to feel the same, Spec difference is there
But the feeling on the string, just feels so bland.
The Maxbet reminded me of a DV888 that spins longer.
The positron was good, but still. Reminded me of a lighter dv888
Just… Boring, no uniqueness to the yoyo.
Also, I actually don’t think YYF and YYJ are far behind.
If anything
The genesis is 10 years ahead of the Maxbet.
And the supernova is 10 years ahead of the Positron.

Yes, good yoyos, but I refuse to buy Turning point due to lack of soul.
I’m sure Kentaro is cool
And I Seriously look up to him, as a yoyoer.
Super innovative, and has great presence.
Just don’t like the yoyos he designs
But we All like what we like I Guess.

I quite like Turning Points. They play great, and look even better. Probably the best solid ano i’ve ever seen on a yoyo. I owned a dark green Solenoid for a while that was just beautiful. Would love to try some of their more recent releases.

I have a Leviathan 2 and it is sooooo good.

That’s coming from a huge CLYW fanboy but I got to hand it to TP they make a mean throw.

i guess it all comes down to preferences, the sleipnir didn’t do it for me etheir.
supernova just doesn’t compare imo, it’s good, but i wouldn’t call it a premium yoyo.
it’s like comparing the Anglam CC with the DV888 …c’mon!

when it comes to shape, H shape is my preference,

again,each player has it’s favorite brands and shapes, the best thing to is go to a yoyo shop and try them out yourself! i’ve known players who picked up a turning point over all the YYR and opposite too.
And IMO YYR kinda sucks, the quality is behind TP, it’s ONLY made for competitions (as written here:http://www.yoyostorerewind.com/en/yo-yos/japan/yoyorecreation.html) i’ve had problems with unscrewing mine, its a fragile piece of equipment that looks great on a shelf…not in a yoyo player’s everyday throw

in any case, Premium Yoyos need a premium player to be enjoyed, if you’re stuck at the spirit bomb or something, don’t even THINK of getting a 200$ yoyo, it’s like having an ALIENWARE to run Microsoft word or youtube all day… lol

most of players stick to an HP or a DELL or they might go for Asus… (aka: YYF, YYJ, CLYW) but rare are the ones going for things like Apple or Alienware (YYR, TP)

I currently own 8 YYR and I’ve disassembled and reassembled my YYRs plenty of times and I haven’t had a problem. They’re not any more fragile than any other throw if treated correctly.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Turning Point as well but the reality of it is that both TP and YYR throws are built for competitive play.

Also, might not be wise to be posting links to other yoyo stores.


Turning point yoyos are definitely worth it. I used to throw yyr messiah and slipnir but one of my friend bought a tp solenoid and it just blasted me out of the roof with it’s comfortable shape, perfect weight and stability + some sick ano!

Addressing the first line, i have an Anglam CC
It’s like, if the Supernova is 10 years ahead, the CC is 30

Addressing the Second line, The quality behind TP is the super super low tolerance on the machines, so it is perfectly cut. Made for comps? Perhaps. But they feel so dead.
The Comparison to the DV888 was a feeling comparison. I’m saying they feel bland, and soulless.

Addressing the Third line, Really? I’ve owned near all the older model YYR, and multiples of 3 of em.
and I unscrew mine near 15-20 times a day, Yet they play dead smooth
And I smashed mine on concrete. Almost no marks, My positron had a part of the metal literally scratched off, when it hit the concrete.

Quite Odd, Either I have some Good luck
Or you have had some bad luck!
Who knows?
TP- way to competition oriented, like a robot, Rather than an extension of your body
YYR-Has a feeling to it, that they mend with you while you play

(What YYR yoyos have you owned? I’m curious to know which ones had axle issues

Between the both of them, TP’s have less character compared to YYR. Which Is not saying much. I have a Positron(which I got from you :wink: ) And I enjoy it. But like you said, very performance oriented. But YYR does not have much character either. Both Sleipnir and the Stargazer have very small characters. The Sleipnir a little more than the Gazer. So character is not very popular with these two Japanese companies. So character shouldn’t turn you off of TP. Performance wise, YYR has a little better performance but not much. Some YYRs have worse performance than tp. And TP also has better quality control and ano also. Both are great yoyo companies. And I don’t think yoyos can be ahead of each other tech wise. I mean they are pretty simple compared to computers or cars. The differences are so small when actually stepping out of the yoyo “box” the play and look difference is minuscule . My mom can’t tell when I get a new yoyo because she says they all look the same. And I do the same stuff with them. So titanium rings, blah blah blah, doesn’t make a huge difference. I think yoyo development has reached it’s peak. Get either. Flip a coin. Pull a slip of paper out of a hat or whatever. Just remember a yoyo is just a tool to get happiness.

…yes well…hum …it IS metal you know? you can’t expect dragons to show up each time they spin, this is not beyblade lmao

please don’t take is bad, but i think your one of many players who have ONE wish/phantasm = get “THE” best yoyo… and posses it. you got yourself YYR, and that’s fine, i own one too, and im a TP kinda guy, but there is no BEST yoyo. we spend A LOT of money on yoyo, well earned legit money, don’t bash others who spent their money on a premium yoyo, at this point, all Japanese premium yoyos are just excellent throws, it just comes down to preference
no hate :wink:

Actually, I dont like YYR as much as i do CLYW, and shockingly YYF (People seem to hate them, and i have no clue why!)
the Puffin may not be the best yoyo, if anything, it lacks in spin, stability etc compared to YYR and TP , But it just has this feel behind it,
That Gives it such Character!
My all Time favorite yoyo is the Cliff, and it has a sort of Character too. I just can’t put my finger on it!
and I LOVE the Beybade reference haha
I wish that was invented!

Well, I for one absolutely love the Dv888, and I believe it has a huge soul. :wink:

These are all opinions here, don’t get too worried. Chances are you will end up with a quality throw if you’re dropping anything more than ~60 bucks on a throw these days. The more expensive, the more particular and reputable the company is usually.