yoyorecreation, yoyojoker, and turning point??

I was wondering about higher priced companies like: yoyorecreation, yoyojoker, turning point, something

I was wondering how good of an investment these yoyos are? Do they play as good as the price?

I don’t buy yoyos that often so this would be a big investment considering I could get 2 yoyos for the same price. however, if the are really good I may just get one.

I’m looking at: superfly, double joker lf, uroboros, gleipnir, 2012 CLASH, luminous, maxbet, and solenoid

I have a couple of the high end Japanese yoyos (YYR Clash 2012, YYR Stargazer, TP Solenoid 1.1 and C3 Berserker (made in China but same price range)). They are really good throws but not twice as good as most $100 throws. If you’ve got the money, it’s nice as a centrepiece to your collection but they don’t do anything a $100 YYF can’t do.


higher priced yoyos feel a lot more solid in hand and it doesn’t ding as easily as mid priced yoyos since they are made of 7075 alluminum…

YYF has quite a few 7075 throws that don’t/won’t cost nearly that much. The YYR stuff is definitely nice but not worth double in my opinion.

Just remember for the most part they’re expensive because of currency exchange rates, not necessarily because they have some secret expense in their manufacturing. They do play quite nice, i’ve gotten real into the undersized YYRs lately and they’re great and i’ve owned tons of YYRs and TPs in general. I think everyone owes to themselves to own one for a bit, chances are you won’t lose much if any money on it so there’s really no reason not to grab one if it should show up on the B/S/T for a good price. All that said there’s absolutely no reason an American manufacturer couldn’t come out with similar style throws for less money, it’s just for some reason they really haven’t.

I have lots of these high-end throws. I used to have lots of CLYW, OneDrop, YYF, General-Yo etc. Almost half of my case is now YoyoRecreation, YoyoJoker, TurningPoint, YoyoMonster. I think the fact that I have shed most of my most “beloved” yoyos in favor of these brands speaks for itself.

That said, the 7075 throws, IMHO have more powerful spin and stability that makes for longer combos and stronger binds. The added density of the 7075 also makes the yoyo a bit quicker on the string; in my opinion.

The often overlooked thing about Japanese yoyos is the design. These are well thought out designs that are targeted to the alloys being used. YoyoRecreation, in particular, has a wide range of designs in their signature series that offer a great variety of feel and performance.

If you have the bucks, start with something like the YYR Stargazer, Sleipnir or a Turning Point Positron. If you like that, then you will probably like many others.

I think you would be happier investing in 2 ‘cheaper’ yoyos. Heck, for the price that these brands go for, you can get a very nice metal, a pair of loopers, and a decent offstring yoyo. I, for one, would get more joy out of having 4 nice yoyos than I would get from one ‘high-end’ Japanese throw.

I’ve always been of the opinion that they are definitely not worth the asking price.

  • Don’t buy one if you’re just looking to get a 7075 yoyo (the new Werrd Hour looks amazing and is roughly 1/3 of the price!)…
  • Don’t buy one if you’re expecting it to make you a better thrower (it won’t, only practice can do that)…

I guess the only real reason to buy one is because you think it would be worth it.
Maybe one of those companies makes a shape that you really enjoy? If so, it might be worth taking a shot at that yoyo.

I’m curious to know if this is true… Is there any evidence to back this up?

As for YYR-- their yoyos come in raw form, or in anodized and engraved form. I’ve always found it strange that they sell the raw version for the same price as the anodized version. Surely it doesn’t cost them the same to create a raw yoyo vs. an anodized and engraved one… just something to ponder.

I tend to disagree. I think the weight distribution that a yoyo has is the leading reason a certain yoyo will have certain play characteristics… no matter what the material it’s made from. If you’re going to buy a yoyo based on the material it’s made from, titanium is the only way to go.

What kind of evidence would you like? Here’s a chart that explains it pretty clear. This is the USD/JPY pair over the last decade, the number on the right is the amount of Yen that one US Dollar will buy, the bottom is the year, 4 years ago a YYR that cost 14,800 Yen would have cost $135 dollars, today that 14,800Y throw costs $190, based only on the strengthening of the Yen and weakening of the Dollar. This is also why Sony and most Japanese car makers are in a massive manufacturing exodus out of Japan. A strong Yen is terrible for Japanese exports.

Once you start going higher in the price, the play level slowly increases. A $40 yoyo might be twice as good as a $20 yoyo, but a $200 wont necessarily be twice as good as a $100 (more so around 1.5x as good in my opinion). Think of it like upgrading weapons in video games. As the upgrades get better, they start to cost more and more even though the weapon just gets a little bit better. The same goes for a yoyo. It all depends how much the extra stability and sleep time is worth it to you. Some would rather pay $180 for 2 yoyos with good stability and sleep time and others would rather pa $180 for 1 yoyo with excellent stability and sleep time.

As for what you listed, I’ve used the Solenoid and Maxbet. Personally, I would pick the positron over both of them (if you can find a place with one. I think Rewind still has them in stock). Reason being that it sleeps a decent amount longer than my Avant Garde, is much much more stable than my Avant Garde, and is more durable (don’t get me wrong. I love my Avant Garde). I did an eli hop with my Positron into the ceiling fan the other day (the fan setting was on high). It snapped my string and launched the yoyo into a wall. My Positron is still in mint condition and plays like it never happened.

Expensive yoyos aren’t necessarily twice as good, but the extra money you invest in it will certainly make a noticeable difference.

I have played and owned a YYR Messiah and Stargazer, Turning Point RT, Positron and Leviathan III, Yoyo Joker Uroboros, Double Joker and Strider. Those were my Japanese yoyos. Were they great? Yes… were they worth $180 - $200 well thats a subjective thing… And yes the exchange rate plays into it. I love my Stargazer because more than anything it has the WEIGHT and SIZE that i prefer. BUT the KLR from General Yo is well smoother… Longer spinning… and well all around a better yoyo and bargin for your money… The CODE2 is another one… Similair in shape and weight to the Positron and can run circles around the Positron (in my opinion) and has side effects… And again a heck of a lot cheaper than a 7075 throw… One Drop did the “GZR” line and while they were great (I own two of them) it comes down to the design and the weight placement… So do the Japanese make great yoyos… YES!!! Yes they do… Are they better than what you can get in the USA well… You will have to play them and make that determination for yourself… For me I will always have one in my collection but I will continue to buy and play the heck out of my One Drop’s, CLYW’s and General Yo’s!!!


It’s one of those “try before you buy” throws

So well said. I completely agree with you.

I never meant to say that I am exclusive. All I am saying is that after throwing some great Japanese throws, my case shares some space for those from Japan as well as Singapore and Australia.

I will ALWAYS have my Code1, Code2, Avalanche, Enthenos, KLR, Y-Factor and Catalyst among others. But some space has been made…

thanks guys! I’ll probably try one before I buy it. I’ll consider it once I get a bit bigger collection too.

Since I have been messing around with yoyos and in and around machining most of my life I have noticed the Japanese manufactured yoyos to be superior in terms of machine work. Plain and simple a better made product, imo.

How much better they play is a matter of opinion. If something gives you confidence and a little extra edge then by all means use it.

I more agree with this than disagree with this. I can’t comment on the quality of Japanese machining, but I would assume they take pride in their work

I may sound contradictory, but I don’t see myself buying their metals for a while. I think Turning Point has a plastic I’m getting soon, probably going to order it in a day or two. I think their metals are too much. Here’s the contradictory point: I have an Anglam coming in soon and I’ve recently bought a Ti-5.

For the most part though, the shapes of the YYJoker and Turning Point yoyos don’t really catch my eye. Clearly they are great yoyos though. I’d have to play one first to really make a decision on it. I’m sure it’s worth the money. I like stuff likw CLYW and One Drop and other $100+ brands/models. I kinda have acquired a taste for “the good stuff”.

My main issue is with the prices, it’s too expensive to take a risk on. The Ti-5 was s shape and design I instantly was drawn to. The Anglam, well, I’ve had it proven to me time and time again that Hiroyuki Suzuki’s signature throws work extremely well for me. I’ve bought both of these without having previously played them.

In the end, it only matters if the purchaser or end user likes it. I don’t think this stuff would be made available for sale if it was bad stuff.

I have an Anglam. It is a fine yoyo. I like it alot; but I like my Stargazer better. If you like the weight and feel of the Anglam - try out a Stargazer, Sleipnir or an Attune. Really; they are that good.