Yoyorecreation...but I never had their creations!

Hello all,

In the same style of the Duncan topic I did a while ago (waiting for my GTR-JS soon, it’s traveling to me), I decided to try and buy second hand (I see it’s quite easy to have yoyos from overseas, I just need to wait a bit) a yoyo from every brand I always been very interested but never been able to afford, so I can also try lot of different brands instead of focus on one.

Yoyorecreation is absolutely one of those brands, always great looking throws that scream performance and quality but always very expensive for me so I had always to pass on them, I do love pretty much everything about this brand, from players, to style, to yoyos, colour choices, everything, I had the chance to try a couple of their products and are just insane, for sure some of the best yoyos I have ever tried.

I see they have a pretty wide catalogue on Yoyoexpert and I am not sure on what look for, as for Duncan I would like something top performance but I am pretty sure with this brand is not hard to find something like that, I just ask please your help in let me decide of what look for which is available now and I can find at a good price, I am pretty sure I would like more a bimetal (also because their monometal stay in a quite average range of price), or in in case their monometal share the same perfomances I will take on of them probably new.

Thanks a lot with the help as always!


If you find a bi-metal yoyos from their rebellion line selling here in the BST (Start the Riot and Invaders must Die) I would recommend checking it out since its one of the underrated throws imo, also I’ve seen a few selling yyr ae bi-metals like inevitable and OD draupnir for a steal price but dunno if it still available.


I am interested in the topic as well. I have used a FYFO, but that is a monomental designed by YYR and machined at Onedrop. It was amazing, which leads me to be so curious how the bimetals play.

With no experience of such, my initial thought is to find a Draupnir to see why they are spoken so highly of, but I know someone can recommend me something better.

I really like the Start the Riot recommendation as it would be affordable.


I got an Invaders Must Die as my first (and only) bimetal. It’s insanely good, but I realized high-performance bimetals don’t really suit my style at this juncture, so I ended up trading it. Also, fair warning to those seeking one out, it can be really sharp on the catch. They went full out on the performance aspect, comfort be damned.

Even though Rebellion is their “budget” line, that thing was the most high quality return top I’ve ever put my hands on. Glass smooth, incredible control, spins for days, you could hit it mid air with a rock and it would just shrug and keep going… like I said in another post about bimetals, I’m just not that good :laughing:


Chopstick Gorilla!


What style of yoyo are you looking to buy? Based on what I’m assuming your preferred yoyo specs/shapes are… yoyorec doesn’t really offer anything that stands out to me that I think you’d enjoy. They don’t really do wide yoyos. Do you want a heavier more stable yoyo for tech or a more controlled feeling during faster play? Do you want a more generalist yoyo that’s fairly middle of the road at everything? Would you rather sacrifice some stability to have a yoyo that’s easier to move around, especially for zontal play? What type of yoyo shapes fit best in your hand? Do players using the yoyos impact your decision to want to play them? Yoyorec’s lineup is broad enough and I can’t think of what to recommend without having a better idea of what you personally want out of a yoyo.

The only yoyorec I’ve personally played is an OD Draup (which I am a big fan of), but I feel like I’m tuned in enough to the general Japanese contest scene and have tons of opinions from the mouths of the actual high level (unsponsored) players choosing to play yoyorecs.

All I can say right now is that I’d probably advise against buying Rebellion stuff, not because it isn’t good, but because they both exist in a niche that doesn’t feel relevant any more (budget yyr/odd design). When high end yoyorec bimetals (intended for players and not collectors) are selling for under 100 dollars as common prices on the BST, recommending an Invaders Must Die over a Skyfish just because it’s marginally cheaper feels weird to me.

And the Start the Riot is just a strange yoyo that I feel like is something you’d just have to want on your own instead of getting it recommended as a general yoyo. As far as four rim bimetals are concerned I think designs like the layered shaqshine and elimination are using their extra set of steel rims in a much more productive way.

And as far as old yoyorec is concerned, they’re pretty much exclusively collection models. Very very few people are actually still using Draupnirs and other old recs for high level yoyo play. Yoyorecreation and other companies have new models on the market that are serving the same playstyle niches that these old yoyos used to serve, but are updated to be more in line with modern preferences. Stuff like Draupnirs and Sleipnirs are basically just for casual players and collectors at this point.


Great post, so, to try to answer your questions:

I am really just to try to have one of the top performer even if it goes against what I usually like, I usually like yoyos around 54mm, around 47mm width, normal gap 4.5mm (even bigger will be great, can’t wait to try the duncan you advise for that), around 62grams but even heavier I do not mind.

But also you can take all those specs and forget about that, I would like to play a YYR in the way they intended yoyoing, I have quite small hands that’s why I go for smaller diameters but I am open to try new stuff (like the duncan one for example).

I would love a yoyo for tech tricks and horizontal combos, I think I can sacrifice some stability as I have quite control on my tricks.

About shapes I find myself very well with H, W and V shapes no O shapes for me.

About the decision to have a YYR is mostly like is a brand that I always look with great respect, I like their products from the look and the feel and the style of the brand, also I tried the OG Draup and Sleipnir and I found them amazing back them (we speaking very long time ago).

Just from what I see on the website from the specs:

Chopstick Gorilla (the closer to my usual yoyos) - Bae - Skyfish (but the price is insane) - AUTOSCOPY (prob one of my fav)

But it is also possible that I am missing something or maybe I am missing on their monometal releases


  • Draupnir Over Drive
  • Chopstick Gorilla (incredible performing undersize throw. you mentioned small hands, this might be the best one for you)
  • Anomaly

YYRec makes incredible throws.

good luck and enjoy the throw.


Chopsticks Gorilla is a dense little brick but it packs huge spin times and stability into that small form factor. Your options for those 53-54mm bimetals like this is honestly pretty limited. TP tends to go down to 50-52mm for their undersized bimetals, so the Yoshicuda X is one of the only other yoyos on the market that feels like it’s competing with the Chopsticks Gorilla. It’s going to be pretty uncomfortable and awkward for zontal because of its weight and sluggishness, but it’ll be a tech monster if that sounds appealing to you. It’s one of the most powerful and stable yoyos you could get in this size range if that’s what you want. Although the Yoshicuda X is way cheaper, and I think you’d probably enjoy the Yoshicuda X more since it won’t have the sluggishness and density of the Chopsticks Gorilla. Yoshicuda X won’t be as stable or spin for as long, but it’s is much better suited to generalist play than just tech.

If you don’t mind going up in size then the Autoscopy is going to be a lot less of a brick and won’t be as sluggish. It’ll be much nicer if you really want do do zontals with it, it’s still going to be a lot heavier and more sluggish than the JS you just purchased though. But I think that difference could be appealing because it means you’d have two very different yoyos that you’d want to pick up at different times depending on what you feel like throwing.

The Skyfish sounds like it would be a good fit, with you saying you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of stability to have a yoyo that’s just easier/less effort to move around… although the Skyfish comes with the caveat that you just bought a JS. And I think the Skyfish and JS would both be fighting for your attention at the same time, instead of giving you a different yoyo that you’d want to pick up for a totally different throwing experience.

You can probably get a Chopsticks Gorilla for around 80ish bucks on the BST and the Autoscopy/Skyfish should run a bit pricier at around 100-120ish. I know a lot of 3A/5A players who love the Autoscopy, and in my experience techheadz (I’m in this group of players lol) love playing 1A with the yoyos that 3A players gravitate towards. Skyfish is a favorite of players who throw pure speed and zontal stuff. I’ve seen a few players who used to throw OG Draups have moved onto the Skyfish as their preferred yoyo.


My vote goes to the Sputnik since it is just from all perspectives a super lovely yoyo. :artificial_satellite:


This is $90 if u r interested. I personally recommend overdrive draupnir, bae


Instead of buying three so-so yo-yo’s that you can “afford” I have long said you should save your money and buy a Yoyorecreation. Every one of their throws is engineered for superior performance.

All have different specs but the one constant is the best performance that money can buy. Just get one; you will not be sorry.

Edit: by “one”; I mean one of their quality bi-metals. Do not judge Yoyorecreation on their budget; or Chinese-6061 versions of old 7075 mono-metal throws. Get the good stuff.


Inevitable is my favorite of theirs and on the short list of best yo-yo ever for me.


Why not judge them on those yoyos, it’s what they make.


Personal favorite of mine is the Toru 0.9

Be on the lookout for cheap Chopsticks and Inevitables as well.

The used market for them is very solid since most resale around $100-120 or sub $100 on a consistent basis unless you’re getting into the OG stuff


Overdrive Draupnir and Inevitable are both arguably the most “current” YYR bimetals, but honestly, you can basically spin a wheel and be satisfied with most of the YYR Bimetals if you want performance.

As for the typeface series, anything besides the Comic Sans :slight_smile:

As for the Made in Oregon lineup, Syfo is more fun but less performance, Fyfo is just… the Fyfo. Gopa is a gopa lmao, personally, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.


You are right. Their mono-metals are certainly good. I was only saying that to fully appreciate the greatness that is Yoyorecreation; the bi-metals and the 7075 mono-metals are the models with the best performance characteristics.


YYR’s Inevitable is insane.
I do not own inevitable but when I throwed it through my old friend, I could tell the only bimetal I can compare with was hinemosu

Even it is little heavy when you do some skills, I am sure that this yoyo is insane


Guys thanks a lot for the answers, as always I highly appreciate your advices.

After read all of you I think I will go for the chopstick gorilla, first because my combos are full of chopsticks (I was looking at the player which named the signature) and second because is a type of yoyo I do not have in my collection from your descriptions, all my yoyos are quite light (except the fat tire) and they play in quite similar way, so I will go for something different, probably not the best idea to try a new brand but I think it’s a good adventure, also I really like the look of it and I am curious about the weight and I think is a good addition to my little collection.

Also, I found a chopstick gorilla in London for 80$ shipped to my house in mint condition with box and I am going with it, seems a good deal! For sure in the future will be more YYR ahahahah as said I do like a lot the aesthetic of this brand and if I like the chopstick gorilla (but tbh doesn’t take a lot to make me excited about a yoyo) than probably there will be more.


Nice. Which color?

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