Turning Point vs Yoyorecreation

It is quite subjective to tell who is better, but is interesting to hear opinions about those two Japanese companies that have something indisputable in common; both are great companies that makes some of the best throws in the world.
But they have their differences, YYR have made throws using many kind of materials like plastic, Titanium, aluminum 6061 and 7075, both of them have bimetals. At the end of the day the material is not important as long as the yoyo works great, many claim that 7075 is better, but TP throws (an many other) prove that is not absolutely necessary to make a monster throw.
So materials aside, to me both are great and the call is pretty close, the question is, if you have to pick one of those two companies, which one would you chose and why?

You want to start a war? Cause that’s how you start a war!

I think you’ve inverted the companies

To answer, YYR. I just don’t like the feel of TP yoyos, except for the Isotope 2, maybe.

“You want to start a war? Cause that’s how you start a war!”
hehe, I hope it stays in the opinion, fun and polite field, that´s why I said is subjective. :slight_smile:

“YYR have more variety of shapes while most of TP have a very similar shape”
maybe you are right, i think that would deviate the topic (edited)

anglam cc >both

YYR of course. More innovative, better playing, better availability (good luck getting a splashed Palpitation, especially for under $300). YYR has way more variety and interesting designs. Just compare Fragment, Laser, Draupnir, Reclash, Acrophobia, etc. huge variety in shape, weight, and play. TP don’t do much for me. Every design is pretty much the same as the last with a slight change in weight.

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I think availability definitely has affected our views of both yoyos since turning points are generally harder to get in the states. Especially if you want a cool colorway so yoyorecreation gets hyped a lot more.

I used to think YYR all had the same 2 shapes because so many of them DID around 2013… they seemed to either have the Sleipnir shape or the Blink shape… But over time I’ve come to realize they do have variety, both before that point in time and since then. It was just a coincidence that all the models under discussion at the time bore the same 2 shapes. TP on the other hand has not showed themselves to have much variety.

I am not a huge fan of either company. But I’ve had more joy/interest out of various YYR yoyos than TP yoyos, so I’mma go YYR.

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The only one I have experience with is the YYR Diffusion and I think it is fantastic. Any of the other TP or YYR yoyo’s I might be interested in are way out of my budget.


I can’t afford to compare them.


I like TP better. Probably because they agree with my belief that there is a basically best yoyo. That is why their designs are so similar, because they want to make the best yoyo every single time. Each design has slight differences in order to optimize it for a certain play style, because all you need is slight differences.

I doubt even TP think there’s a best yoyo. Kentaro Kimura would probably say that it is the best yoyo shape for him, though. You just happen to agree. :wink:

It’s self-evident that there’s no such thing as “best” to the point that it’s a laughable cliche to tell people “there is no best” in yoyo discussions. It’s like reminding people there is no “best” guitar or “best” work of fiction. It just doesn’t exist and it feels silly to have to remind people of that.

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YYR because I’ve never owned or thrown a TP. Hoping to change that soon though.

Let me explain what I mean by best. Suppose we would want to create the perfect yoyo. Obviously we would make it have a low wall. Obviously we would want to make it really stable. Obviously we would want to make it as light as possible without making it unstable. You may say, “but I like heavy yoyos”; I’m not saying you don’t. My definition of the best yoyo is the one that can do the most, not the one that is the funnest to play with. Often, the one that can do the most is really fun to play with, which is how the two definition get confused. Now, about this perfect yoyo. It should spin long enough to do super long combos, be stable enought to do super long horizontals, be light enough to go super fast. A heavy yoyo may be funner to some, but it doesn’t add anything to the performance directly(it does indirectly though by adding to spin time).
With the basic best yoyo I was describing, you can switch up a few things to make it fit a persons play style. For example, make it more rounded to make rejections easier. It is not necessary that the yoyo be rounded because you can do rejections on any shape, but rounded shapes make rejections easier.

TP yoyos seem to me to fit the “perfect yoyo” type.

Best at what?

Doing tricks. Since we are talking about 1a, the best at doing 1a tricks. I don’t mean best at making a person have a good time.

Rather than derail the thread arguing which is ‘best’ and what that even means, lets focus on the question posed:


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What tricks?

Yyr>Turning point

Tatsuya Fujisaka can basically sell YYR to me by himself.

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