Turning Point vs Yoyorecreation

@ Philip: I hear exactly what you’re saying. I don’t agree with you (for example, sometimes people want heavier throws simply for the way they feel on the string), but I hear what you’re saying.

I agree with this. I don’t know if you are saying that this is what I’m saying, but that is what I am saying.
heaviness’s main function is make the player feel more comfortable, it doesn’t add much performance physics wise.

I do ALSO think that physics are affected (more mass… more momentum and spin time) but I’m one of those who believes that beyond a certain point there are diminished returns.

I think we agree, we’re just not on the same page.

That’s my suspicion, too. :wink:

No, it’s mine.

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I agree with Gambit that we should no derail the thread.

I would take YYR over TP any day. I’ve owned 5 TPs and 4 YYRs.

TP: Houska
Leviathan 2
Leviathan 3
I’ve also played the Solenoid and Positron a lot

YYR: Overdrive

The Solenoid was my favorite TP, but I like every YYR I’ve owned better than it. For me, TPs play boring. They’re fine yo-yos, but are vanilla. YYRs, however, are a bit more interesting to play in my opinion. Also, I think they’re more aesthetically pleasing overall.

EDIT: Forgot yoyos i’ve owned

The vote seems to be overwhelmingly in favor of YYR.

It might be helpful to do as yoyoavenger did and list which yoyos from each company one has played in an attempt to better understand their reasoning for choosing a stance.

That I can remember I’ve played:
-Sleipnir (2011 I believe)
-2010-2012 Clash
-Messiah (old and new)
-Draupnir (normal and wide gap)
-Mr. Butcher
-New Diffusion

Turning Point
-Max Bet (wanted to like them so bad. I’ve had 4)
-Leviathan 2/3

So I’ve played far more YYR than I have TP, but there’s a reason for that. Turning Point, like others have stated, have A LOT of recycled designs (or should I say design ;D). The 5 different models I’ve tried all felt fairly similar with the biggest difference being the weight. The boring designs coupled with the relatively high cost and plethora and similar acid washes (I’ve never been a fan of washes) makes me stay away from them.

YYR, on the other hand, [now] has a wide range of varying models to choose from. Not only did they all feel very different, but I really like how most of them played (2012 Clash and the New Diffusion didn’t do anything for me). And as a fan of more simplistic color schemes ('cept CLYW), I love how elegant each yoyo seemed to be. Yoyorecreation yoyos also have dropped in price a decent amount over the years (attributed to the weakening of the Yen, if I’m correct) while TP seems to have increased ($190 for a Levi 5 is ridikulus)? Plus they’re better trade fodder :stuck_out_tongue:

My vote is definitely for YYR.

Interestingly, though, is that I currently own more Turning Points than I do Yoyorecreation (Prominence, Positron, and Draupnir).

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I’m not gonna let the small print pass by. He said [size=70pt]"'cept CLYW"[/size]