YoYoRecreation VS Turning Point

Which one is better? I keep on hearing that YYR makes higher quality yoyos, or the other way around.
Is really one higher quality? Or does it just come down to personal preference(like almost anything to do with yoyos does).

Which qualities are you talking about?
If you mean build and manufacturing-quality, i think they’re pretty much equal.
Play wise, I’ve heard YYR gives you more bang for your buck than TP.

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My two cents worth (this is purely opinion no fact):

I suspect there is very little difference in ‘quality’. At the moment I suspect there is a large difference in popularity. I would say that YYR is currently more popular and will hold value better. In terms of throwing, it as always will be opinion. I can offer some suggestions as to why this might be true:

Firstly TP’s flagship model is probably the Positron, which is now reasonably old, andit would appear has been equaled or surpassed by many modern yoyos. It has not been reinvented unlike many other TP throws. Actually I think this might be part of the downfall for TP; reinventing a model is tricky, one must justify changes made, whilst providing enough difference to persuade people to purchase a 2.0 model rather than a 1.0 model. It also immediately makes the 1.0 model out of date with respect to trade value. Those people who own a 1.0 version must be sufficiently impressed with a model to want to upgrade.

YYR have many models, some with similar shapes but differences in weight and size, but fewer upgraded versions of an old throw. There are some definitely, of their more popular lines. Their new throws also perform really well, and have been introduced at the same price point as older models. They have a couple (at least) of very well respected throws, as well as many new, and quite different lines. Respectively, new TP have actually been slightly more expensive, which is not conducive to purchase.
I think a lot of people feel that the newer YYR lines play better than those of TP, but who am I to judge that alone.

Although this is pure speculation, I think most people would agree that YYR hold their value better, and are more sought after now than TP. Be this based on how good their yoyos are or not you should decide to judge for yourself, maybe if you’re thinking about purchasing one or the other, pick up one of each on the BST and make up your own mind.

Finally, and this is way more speculation than the rest, and the rest was hand-wavey to begin with, is that nearly all the TP on the YYE site for example (excluding the Houska) have virtually the same side on profile. Now this is really psychological, but this seems to reduce the feeling of choice. I certainly have looked at those profiles, and not known which to look at, because they all look similar. Why should a customer choose one over another if they are so similar? Now if you open up a page you’ll see the specs do differ, but this is not immediately apparent and doesn’t draw someone in to buy a new TP throw, unless they are already a fan.

I guess to conclude, they are both excellent, very high quality throws. I enjoy both hugely, I’m a big fan of my Maxbet, and my Z-ON. You certainly couldn’t go wrong if you bought a throw by either of these two, at least until you tried to sell/trade it on.

For GregP - Essay enough for you? :wink:

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I think that answered all my questions. :wink: Thanks Guys!