Turning Point Yoyos

Hi, I just want people to tell me whether their yoyos really are worth the money. From what I have read, it seems that they are prototyped until perfection is reached, and their quality control is extremely stringent.

Please, I do not want comments from those who talk about them in a glowing way simply because they have spent over $200 on one - just please give me seriously considered thoughts from experience in using them.

One specific question I’d also like answered is whether there is an enormous difference in play and feeling compared to sub $100 yoyos. I mean an instantly recognizable difference.

Please respond!

Yes there Is I own a TP paranoid and there is a HUGE difference the Yoyo I have is about $180 cause it’s a splash and the Yoyo feels like glass when it’s spinning when new. (but as of now I did a terrible re-siloconing job into the Yoyo and now I need to fix that).

Torque (45.00) is much better than a Positron (170?) in my opinion.

Haven’t tried many other TP’s though.

Eh, i think in that price range (assuming we’re talking TP bi-metals and more expensive stuff) there are more exciting/interesting choices. TP play great, but always felt a bit dull, lifeless, and a touch heavy for my tastes. Draupnir, Laser, Sputnik, Slasher, Phaser, all more enticing choices in that price range imo.

I think there is a notable difference between a $100 metal and $200 bi-metal. I have 2 bimetals and thoroughly enjoy each. I have also tried the TP palpitation and think it is top notch, I personally enjoyed the shape and feel over my Draupnir.

It’s hard to say if it is worth the money because $200 for a yoyo… Never really worth it, but if you got the money and don’t currently own any bi-metals. TP is a safe bet.

Thanks for your opinions. Being at such a high price, are they also 7075?

I have a positron and I can say that it is by far my favorite yoyo. Other than a yyr six, it is my smoothest yoyo and it performs extremely well and has a light and fast feel. Buy one, it really is different. Or from any respected japenese company, you won’t regret it.

7075 DOES NOT make a yoyo better. 6061 and 7075 are just different, one isn’t better than the other, and its just your preference

I have and absolutely love my Positron 2. On a different note, I purchased a YYR Laser months ago and just never fell in love with it. While its a great throw, in both machining and looks, I just never had much fun throwing it around. Probably much better in the hands of someone skilled. But I love TP throws. Only own the Positron but have tried the Palpitation and it’s amazing also. I’d say TP are definitely worth it. But, CLYW and One Drops definitely compete just fine against them.

I do not believe it is made with 7075 aluminum.

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They are not 7075 (it doesn´t matter, as someone says above is just different, not necessarily better) and in my opinion, they are good, but there are better choices for that price.
Quality, yes, innovation, not so much, all TP designs looks quite similar, is basically the same yoyo with different sizes and weights, but I would love to see TP exploring a different shape.

cyborg 2 is 7075

But made in China I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue:

At a lower level of yo-yoing, I dont think that there is much of a difference. Many $40-range yo-yos play just as well as a Turning Point.

However, once you get to a higher level of yo-yoing I think that you start to develop a taste for a particular type of yo-yo and I think that is where Turning Point’s, sOMETHING’s, and other pricey yo-yos come into play. These yo-yos really hit the sweet spot for a lot of competitive yo-yoers. Now, maybe some world-class competitors like yo-yos like the Shutter (Gentry) or the NorthStar(2010Jensen), but I think for the most part the big-time competitors are about that Turning Point life.

so is the houska series
and thei’r chep anyways

Even though they all have a similar design. It really makes no difference to the buyer since it seems like he is just looking for maybe a first bi metal yoyo.

I see what you are saying though, it seems like it would give people more motivation to buy more TP yoyos if they were coming out with different shapes. I would love to own one, but wouldn’t really care to get another because of that reason.

Shake is really good, and houska’s are not so good people say