Thoughts on the TP palpitation,and Somethings Anglams? Are all these japanese thingys worth it?


Are they good yoyos?


Are they worth it?

In my opinion, no.


I remember you saying the Masamune was worth its price ??? sOMEThING and TP yoyos are priced and perform similarly.

Whether they’re worth the price is up to you. They play really, really well though.


Yes, I did say the Masamune is worth the price and I stand by what I said.

Both Turning Point and Sengoku yoyos perform superbly.

So what’s the difference in paying a lot for a Masamune and a lot for a Turning Point yoyo?

For me, its the material. The Masamune is made out of a super strong alloy, whereas a TP yoyo is made from 6061; the same stuff my Magicyoyo n12 is made from.

I want any expensive yoyo I buy to not only perform exceptionally well but to be very durable also.

This may not matter to you, but it does to me.


If you ask me they are. Looking back I would have saved a lot of money had I just bought a Draupnir rather than buying over 20 budget throws. That being said I do acknowledge that there are many great mono-metals out there that crush bi-metals. I think that we should create a tier list for throws, just an idea. :wink: