turning point

why are turning point yoyos so expensive?

Because they are.

I don’t think they are cranked out in massive numbers and use a denser kind of aluminum, which is also more expensive and costs more to machine. All three of these combine to raise prices out of necessity.

I think they are made out of extremely expensive and grade A++ metal. But they don’t stop there. They add K-Pads and a Center Trac bearing. Plus, most of their throws are pretty rare. The Positron sold out EXTREMELY fast because of low quantity limits. If you do choose to buy one it is worth every penny. Remember, just don’t ding it.

  1. High production/machining costs
  2. Limited production
  3. Yen/Dollar cross rate
  4. They are fabulous yoyos.

Actually, the only differences are the price (almost 3 times that of 6061) weight (7075 weighs significantly more) corrosion resistance (Doesn’t matter unless you leave it raw or polish it) and strength. Sure, it may sound better on paper, but is it more practical? Unless I’m mistaken, Turning point uses the same quality 7075 aluminum as other manufacturers that use 7075.

Hope I didn’t come out harsh.

But the greater density of the 7075 gives this yoyo speed that lighter alloys do not have. Check the rims on these guys. The mass is centered on the axle with increasing weight on the rims. The result is a throw that has all characteristics of a lighter, balanced throw, but increased speed, agility and acceleration. Give a Positron a try. You will not be disappointed. You may also find you have a bunch of old yoyos you need to sell :slight_smile:

My only reason for not getting a Positron is the price. It’s a bit too much to swallow even for me for now. Maybe soon, but not now. And in all honestly, the shape really doesn’t do much for my interests. I won’t deny it being good, it’s just not a model that visually appeals to me. I’d love to try one though and then get my mind a fair assessment of this yoyo based on performance rather than looks and costs.

Just saw the Positron restock!!!

The Positron rocks! If you were thinking about getting one - now is your chance.