Counterfeit/bootleg Turning Point

How would someone verify TP authenticity without being the original owner? There is quite an extensive guide for YYR but to my understanding there has been some bootlegs made for TP as well. Any way to verify?

Im going to bump this, because im curious as well…

I think only bootleg TP, that really looks like original is Leviathan 2. Other bootlegs share shape, but they have logos of chinese brands and are really cheaply made, so you can notice it on first touch.

I have experienced that bootlegs are usually made of 6061 aluminum, while the the real TP’s are made with 7075 aluminum. You could tell the difference just by the density of the metals.

EDIT: TP is 6061, but YYR is 7075

Wrong, real Turning Points are made from 6061.

i would contact yyr - and seek advice directly from the manufacturer.



My bad. Thanks for the correction

The bootlegs have bigger silicon pads like the magic yoyo size 20 mm. All turning points are 7075 metal. Bootlegs are using cheaper metal. I have positron and a friend have the positron bootleg. the bootleg have some vibe and other laser engravings than the original.

Turning Points are NOT made from 7075, if you want go and ask Kentaro. I got this info directly from him.

I think your right ^^. But the positron is 100% 7075 and they have some 7075 yoyos , right o.O?

It’s very hard to tell them apart. One of the key giveaways is if the yoyo has a 10 ball kk, but the seller may have just replaced the bearing.

From what I see here, none of you really know. Nor can you say definitively what a real one is made from.

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They have different silcone size the bootleg use bigger silicone the original use standard size silicone 19 mm. I have the positron and my friend have the bootleg.

I asked personally Kentaro when we travelled together to Slovak Nationals, I think he knows what material is used in his yo-yos.

And tell me just how the ordinary, average guy is going to tell the difference between 6061 and 7075 aluminum?

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I know there isn’t a person who would want to try this with a yoyo, but a water displacement test should work.

Well of course it would,
Do you carry a gram scale around in your pocket? :wink:

No. :-[

Sorry if it sounded like I was trying to start an argument.

The problem is that everyone’s assuming they can play amateur detective and discern a fake from the usually crummy pictures people provide in their BST.

Some of us actually know what we’re talking about…