fake yyr questions

could you tell the difference by play because on the authenication thread its only by detail. I am getting a clash from (yye) but my step brother probably gonna get jealous so my mom was gonna buy him a Sleipnir (its from a over seas site so its most likely fake) so is the play of them realy different?

From what I know, they play very similar, they are still very smooth and are pretty high quality. Just don’t let him put it up for sale :wink:

PM me the site. If it is one of the sites I’m thinking of, it is real. If not, you’ll need to authenticate it. Fyi, the bootleg ones won’t play anything like the real ones, considering they are made of cheaper aluminum and are several grams heavier.

There are several different manufacturers of bootlegs, so quality, play, and weight vary. Though they’re typically made of 6061 Al instead of 7075.

I’ve only owned two bootleg YYRs (Sleipnir and Messiah) and they play differently, but similar, to their real counterparts. They both felt lighter and faster, especially the Sleipnir. This is most likely attributed to the 6061 aluminum rather than design.

It is possible to authenticate them by playing them, but it would take a trained hand.

Personally I feel they’re much better than real YYRs play-to-cost wise. In short, bootlegs are top-performing yoyos at a budget price.

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i might have to save 169 dollars than lol

I don’t recommend the bootlegs. I have yet to play a smooth one.

Plus, why support someone who’s stealing YYR’s design that they took the time to create? YYR does a lot in the designing phase to create well balanced and high performance yoyos.

If you buy straight from the YYR site, the exchange rate will be quite in your favor too.


If by overseas you mean Japan, it’s gonna be real.

I don’t mean to support bootleggers, as YYR doesn’t deserve getting stolen from. No companies does for that matter. But for the sake of the topic, Ive had a Bootleg TAKE THAT Sleipner and Overdrive. Both played significantly good for their price. Sleipner and Overdrive had a bit of vibe, pretty small. The extra weight didn’t hinder play and for me, added to stability. On string, wasn’t as smooth as legit Sleipners, but played well accounting for the price to play ratio. Id say it played slightly vibey, but sleep time wasnt an issue. The Overdrive was pretty heavy though. Since its oversized, and bootleggers put no thought into weight distribution, it played heavy. My play style is pretty zippy, so the heaviness gave my fingers fatigue. Best thing about was it was dead smooth after I tuned. Overall, it’s a guilty pleasure for me.