Which fake yyr just curious

Well after buying my brother a fake sleipner I was impressed by its play so quick question which fake yyr should I get? I can get the fessiah,fleipner,or foverdrive. I know I will never be able to buy a yoyo over 145 and just want a pseudo yyr in my case other than a diffusion. I only habe $50 left so what should I get ,and please don’t say anything like i’m supporting fake companies,I know I am and I’m not going to trade it so yeah.

Dude, just save up a little and get a legitimate YYR.


Some people don’t have that kind of money. Sometimes bills, food, and education take precedence over a high quality yoyo.

Bootlegs are not the same as the original, so I suggest going for a magic yo T5. It has a Japanese feel, and is super smooth, and has the same quality as bootleg YYR.

I had/have most of the myy line just wanted try that or maybe a yyr no body gave me feedback on the yye so looking at yyr(yye=yoyoempire

With so many awesome, legitimate yo-yos out there to choose from, why buy a rip-off?

You will be fine without a YYR in your case. If it’s important to you, save up and get one down the road. You might change your mind by then anyways.

The one I have plays better than a real one according to some people, but there is no way to tell which stores sell high or low quality bootlegs. Like other people said, just have some patience, wait a few months, and buy a legit one. Of course I don’t know your financial problems, but you seem like 14 or something so you shouldn’t have much obligations which means you can work on some patience and get a real YYR. Its SOOOO worth it. You won’t regret it.

I am totally against supporting bootleg companies. You’re letting jerks get away with stealing a design, and then making a profit off of this stolen design that isn’t theirs. By buying bootlegs, you are supporting a company that takes money away from hardworking people.

c3 yoyo design is like yyr but cheaper

I guess I’ll be the one to actually answer the question.

. <

Having bought all of the ones you have mentioned, by far, I much prefer the knock off Sliepnir. All of them are quite good, and play very smooth, but the sleipnir has a bit more weight and flow that fits my style a bit more.
The overdrive’s are quite light feeling, which is good for faster tricks, while the messiah is smaller and has a bulkier feel that is more of a “pocket” everyday throw.

The sliepnir is like a perfect mix for me, something I can carry around, as well as use for competition play if need be.

Hope that helps a bit hun…often times asking questions about bootleg and knock off companies don’t go over to well on the forums, and people tend not to even answer the question asked. > . <, but if you have any other questions and don’t want to bring it public incase of reaction, feel free to PM me and Ill do all I can to answer your questions.

Good luck!



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