what do u think about yyr

i wanna know u guys opinion on yyr yoyos i’m planning on buying a sleipnir and btw judge it by something out of 10 like 7\10 and i wanna know how yyr yoyos grind

If they aren’t blasted I’d rate grinding the same as any other non-blasted yo at a 2/10. I’d rate a powdercoated yo at a 1/10 and a cement-plated yo at a 0/10.

YYR makes a good yoyo.

It’s just scary how good they are. The Sleipnir rocks: 9.9/10. I’ve got a Z-ON I haven’t had much of a chance to play yet. I’m not much of a grinder, so can’t comment on that.

The Sleipnir is the best yoyo I’ve used. U can get 3 random YYR yoyos for 200 bucks right now tho.

YYR makes the highest performing yo-yo’s on the planet.

Each model has its own unique characteristics; with its own feel. What is so remarkable is that all of them are so great individually. You simply can’t go wrong with YYR.

Wait what’s this?!

Over and done with, sadly. If you want a nice new YYR, head to the BST. Those who have them are selling them for reasonable prices for the first time in history, so jump on it while you can!

It’s over. Nothing to see regarding that Lucky Box offer at this point in time.

Anyone have anything to say about the Triplet? I just bought one and I am waiting on it. I want to know how it compares to other YYR. From what I understand it’s a sleeping maching that’s a heavier and narrower version of the sleiper right?

Right now people are selling yoyos that they didn’t want in the lucky box for fairly cheap. I saw a 6 for 85.

Although I’m the one you bought it from, I do think I can provide an un-biased opinion on it.

It wasn’t a good fit for me, but it does match your description of it very accurately. It’s step is a little more rounded than that of the Sleipnir, Gleipnir, Dreadnought, and the like, but it’s shape definitely feels like a mildly narrower Sleipnir. It’s diameter is very large, though, so it does feel more narrow in the hand than it really is. 40mm, to me, is a nice, average width, especially when combined with an all-catch-zone shape like that of the Triplet.

It’s weight is really what turned me off. 70g isn’t heavy for a 57mm yoyo, but I much prefer yoyos within the 64g-68g “sweet spot” when it comes to weight.

While being 70g makes it feel heavy during play, it does have outrageous stability and is more forgiving than anything else I’ve thrown all year. I often hear people talk about how forgiving the Chief can be on a bad throw, but when I was comparing my Chief to your new Triplet, I found the Triplet allowed me to make every mistake I could muster without moving even slightly off-axis.


Oh man, thanks again. Weight isn’t a big deal for me. Now I’m even more excited for it. The Chief is my #1 favorite yo-yo in my case, I own 3. Your comparison with the Chief was very helpful to me.

I got a Triplet in the YYR lucky box. I found it to be slightly too narrow and slightly too heavy. So the Slepnir sounds right up my alley.

The EXACT same thing happened to me.

I sold the Triplet to SaltySalvador and am trading the ReClash I got in my box for aznboy’s Sleipnir. The money I got from selling the Triplet to SaltySalvador helped me buy an E=MC2 from NathanC for my girlfriend, so in the end everyone gets what they want and everyone winds up happy (I hope!)!

Salvador, I think you’ll really like the Triplet. I only threw the one I sent you for about 30 minutes total, but if I still had it I’d probably use it for working on tricks I know nothing about. I find that none of my yoyos can handle the awkward pauses that come during unfamiliar elements where I just stop moving completely to figure out what’s going on with the bird’s nest of string I’ve made. The Triplet was GREAT at that and I think it’ll serve you very well if stability is important to you. Definitely PM me when it shows up tomorrow to let me know what you think about it!

Nah, now I know I will like it. I love my Nessie, which is pretty narrow. Weight isn’t a problem at all to me, I only dislike really light throws.

Just read their disclaimer on a foreign yoyo retailer which I won’t name. Man, they seem like they’re trying to be pretty exclusive. “They are sold for pros, not collectors or amateurs”. Guess that disqualifies me XD

I just missed a Kwijibo with my Triplet. I feel so naughty.

Imho YYR is one of best manufacturers in world, my favorits are clearly Fragment and Blink. Really worth premium price.

That warning is from that foreign retailer (I know the one), and not YYR.


I thought it was a little strange of them to be scaring off customers XD