YoYoRecreation Appreciation Thread

If someone knows of one such thread here, in the YYE Forum, please advise.

I love YoYoRecreation throws. Pretty much all of them. I have tried most, with only a couple of exceptions (one of which I might never experience, for I do not play off-string).

My Top 40 Case contains a big part of my YYR collection. Check it out!

FIRST ROW: OxyTi 2011 (fewer than 50 produced, made of super-grade SLR titanium alloy - used in Formula One engines), CLYW Chief (Captain Americal Double-Shield Version, 1-of-2 anodized by Jason Wong), GeneralYo Torrent (Original 1st Run, #47 of 60 produced), YYF Grind Machine 2 (1-of-50 Boyd vs Augie “Wounded Steel” Edition, splash anodize by CLYW), Royal Bison Peak (1st Run Peak, 1-of-12 produced), 3YO3 Ti5 (#02 of 68 made, by Landon Balk), Ti-Walker (#20 of 89 produced), YoYoJoker Luminous (44 Clash Limited Edition, 1-of-80, YoYoJoker’s collaboration with Kikstyo).

SECOND ROW: YYR Jealousy (Prototype, Never Produced), YYR Red “Take That” Sleipnir (2011), YYR Blue 1st Run Sleipnir (2009), YYR Pink Horse Sleipnir (2011), YYR Silver (Clear Anodize) 1st Run Sleipnir (2009), Scarce YYR Mr. Butcher Prototype (originally called the Hiroyasu Ishihara Signature Prototype - 6 were made in 2011 and sold singly by Kengo Kido at the 2011 Asia National Contest - produced in a 2012 production run, and renamed the Mr. Butcher), DreadnoughtG (SilverBlasted), TP Positron (1-of-40 produced, Marcus Koh “Kill Everybody” Model, 2011).

THIRD ROW: YYR Blink Prototype, YYR 44Clash (RedBlast Model, 2010), YYR Blue Gleipnir, YYR Pink Overdrive, YYR 44Clash (GreenBlast Model, 2010), YYR PerfectStar (Raw, 2012), YYR Third Impact (Prototype, Never Produced, Gruntbull Anodized in Antifreeze), TP Positron (Antifreeze Blasted).

FOURTH ROW: YYR E=MC2+2 (Prototype, Never Produced, raw), YYR Stardust2 (red), YYR E=MC2 (blue), YYR E=MC2 (pink), YYR E=MC2 Prototype (raw), YYR 44 ClashCube (black), YYR Fragment (black), TP Positron (pink).

FIFTH ROW: Scarce YYR Z-ON Prototype (originally called the Miyamura Signature Prototype - 7 were made in 2011 - produced in a 2012 production run, and renamed the Z-ON), YYR StarDust V2 (RedBlast), YYR StarGazer (1st Run), YYR StarGazer (2nd Run, Scarce PinkBlast Edition), YYR Messiah (rare PurpleBlast), YYR Acrophobia (black), YYR 6 (Prototype), and YoYoJoker Eternity (Special YYRewind Early-Release “Skull” Edition).

NOW, please show us yours! And let’s talk about these excellent throws. I ask everyone, with respect, to show respect to everyone here with all the things you say and do. Many thanks!



You weren’t kidding about being fond of YYR throws! The only two YYRs I own are two that aren’t in your amazing collection: the Clash2012 and the Diffusion.


My 2012 Clash is in my pocket carry rotation bag. Sweet throw. How do you like your Diffusion?


A bit vibey on less than perfect throws but nothing that really effects play. Moderately fast and just feels nice in hand. Doesn’t have that cheap, nasty, fragile plastic feel.


The evolution of your “top 40” case is a joy to watch. Always curious to see what makes the grade. Great stuff.

(make sure you send me a note if that purple Messiah spot gets filled with another yo-yo. :))

Sure thing, LJ! Thanks, my friend.


No 2011 Clash, Bud? I like its lighter weight.

Consider this a placeholder until I snap a good pic of my carefully selected 5 piece YYR collection.

a) 2011 CLASH
b) 2009 Sleipnir modded with deeper recess for silicone
c) Stargazer v1 modded with Dietz hub and brass spike side effects
d) Overdrive
e) 2009 Dreadnought G modded with deeper recess for silicone (a must bc this beast will eat through little pads quickly)

Credit to Landon (3yo3) for all mods (you are the man!)

All of them have at least one ding… and I like it! Love marks. Due to being 7075 the dings are minor, except for the Stargazer v1… which I got as a beater and is dinged heavily (and is 6061 as far as I know). On all of these whose bearing seats are tight I’ve carefully filed them just enough so the bearing comes off with ease and this makes tuning much better in my experience. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing that unless you are very very careful. No vibe on string, but if you hold a fingernail to them while spinning you can feel a little vibe… except for the Stargazer v1 which has a strong vibe but is still very playable. In any case, if I don’t feel a vibe on the string that is typically good enough for me because I don’t grind and this type of design seems to have a very low tolerance when it comes to vibe. Since there’s been discussion here and there on this issue with YYR I will say this: if smoothness is your holy grail then avoid this type of yoyo shape and go for the classic rounded shapes, you will more easily find what you seek (dead smoothness).

In any case, what I find special about the classic YYR design is that the very thin flat hub (notice, for example, how thick the Dietz hub is compared to the Stargazer v1 where they are joined together and that YYR axles are very short), angular shape, and thick rims maxes the proportion and location of rim:center weight. The result is powerful spin that maintains stability even at very low RPM and is very forgiving of string/gap misalignment due to a minimized inner wall.

I also used to have, and traded, a Stargazer v2 and a 2010 CLASH

Blah blah blah, etc… I just wanted to offer some content more than just pics I hope this can be a little helpful for those interested in YYR.

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Beezy, that stargazer is the single coolest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Beezy - the original StarGazer was made of 6061? That information certainly refines my previous understanding, that all YYRs were made of 7075, from the outset.

Anybody out there got the answer to this?

Think a YYR is going to be our next serious purchase.

They certainly are works of art imo.

Think a YYR is going to be our next serious purchase.

They certainly are works of art imo.

Hoping for one for my birthday. What would you guys recommend? Mr. Butcher, Z-On, 6, to Sleipnir

I’m 90% sure.

I base this on Rewind’s site description of the Stargazer v2 where they mention how the v2 was “now made of 7075”, implying that the v1 was not. Also, 6061 dings a bit differently than 7075 (as you know, of course) and my Stargazer v1 has lots of dings (not from me, I got it secondhand) that are deeper and more extensive than I expect from 7075 plus the ano doesn’t look like 7075.

Let me put it this way, the Sleipnir is so good that I haven’t worried about trying all the other flavors. However, go with a size/weight you are familiar with. Those you listed are pretty different from each other.

Mr.butcher for strong spin

Z-ON for soild heavy feel

6 for super tech with fast pace

Sleipnir for everything, and then additional speed.


Awesome collection shots guys. I’ll have to remember to post my pyramid pic from when my collection was at its best.

For any YYR collectors or anyone wanting to get started, I have some great deals right now on YYRs in my BST thread (linked in my profile). Anyone who wants in, send me some offers! Got some pretty hard to get stuff still listed for sale.

Only got 2 YYR, but I love them both. Used to have a Messiah, didn’t like that one so much.

Nice photos, hadoq. Loving the shots of the Clashcube on the piano.


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I dont own any nor have i played them but they are soooooooo pretty

Today, I discovered that my “Sleipnir” was actually a Jealousy Prototype.
I never had a Sleipnir before and I thought it was one. I was wondering why this yoyo feels ultralight.
So I bought a caliper and weighing scale to end my curiosity and this is what I found out.
Now, I’m sure I will truly like a Sleipnir.