The "What's in the YYF Mystery Box" Thread (2011)

If you managed to snag a mystery box, when you open it, pleasepost what you found in it here. That way everyone can see what was in it without having to go around searching for all the Mystery Box threads and all over youtube.

Great idea, I’m wondering when they should get in. I’m thinking I should get mine by Tuesday or Wednesday, they may not ship out until Monday as they compile all of the address’ and I’m sure they were swamped on Black Friday with orders.

This is a great idea. I am stoked to see what is in them this year. Because I live way north (Canada) I am sure you guys will have some first.

That’s probably true. I never though of that.

There are videos of kids opening their mystery boxes from last year. I watched one and it was pretty amazing.

How is an unboxing video amazing? It’s not like the kid does some magic trick and the box opens when he says blugle-debopo, right?

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I asked Andre about that when he emailed me about mine. He said they were shipping yesterday ;D

Just another reason why YYE is the greatest yoyo store on the planet.

Do you really need a reason why YYE is the best?

Believe me, the list grows all the time. I purposefully avoided the other big store’s holiday sale because I like to support YYE every chance I get. Even though the discount for my particular purchase ended up being the same as the other store’s, I still feel like I came out on top of the deal.

My friend got two by accident so I get one! I’ll post it as soon as it gets here.

I might get one but first i half to see whats in them

Keep this concept in mind:

Today is “Small Business Saturday”, where we should ideally try to support small, and if possible, local businesses. I try to support small businesses whenever possible.

I am a small business. But what I do is not yoyo related. Computer repairs/installs/configs/builds, LAN/WAN consulting, computer consulting, security consulting(if you got big bucks and want draconian type security, I’m your man!), WIFI integration, installs, deployment, remote configurations. I also do sound production and have worked in studio environments, radio, television, theater and film. My main focus is live sound and I have lighting, haze, fog and ground fog(and a moving head fogger!). I also do media transfers: 8mm film, Super8, 16mm with optical sound, various video tape formats including BetaCam SP and UMatic SP pro formats and many consumer formats. I also do audio transfers, which include LP’s, 8-track, cassette, minicassette, microcassette, 78’s, 3 formats of 1/4" reel to reel and even recorded wire!! I also do captures of slides and documents. So, if you’re looking for super cheap rates to get stuff done fast, I’m willing to offer cheap prices to YYE users using a “choose your price” program.

Back to YYE:
Yoyos, as we know, are niche, and won’t really ever be “big business” in and of itself on the retail side of things except in rare years where it surges. I’m talking the marketplace in general, not the “yoyo marketplace”. This makes YYE a small business. American is all about small businesses. Most of us here support YYE through forum and chat participation and with our wallets by buying from here. So let’s keep that up.

Did anyone get 2-day shipping?

because it just is

Purple 2.0 with dvd
shaqler JP wooden
Green kimmitt northstar
1 pack superlong string
3 stickers
2 pack cards

thats what is in it???

In his.

What I got in mine. But results may vary.

It looks like someone has already got theirs, it was posted on Facebook:

YYF Green Northstar
YYF Wooden JP
YYF 2.0

YYF Long Strings
YYF Sticker
YYE 2011 Card Set