2016 Mystery Box - YoYoFactory x YoYoExpert

Keeping with tradition there are going to be a few ‘firsts’ in this upcoming Mystery Box!

Keep your eye out for more details to reveal themselves in the coming days!

And get excited. This one is worth it! :o ;D



Yay! :slight_smile:


Pumped! :smiley:

My two favorite yoyos came in last year’s mystery box.

2 H.o.T. 4 lyfe!

I love my 2 hot ;D I want another in a galaxy colorway…

So excited for this because all the throws I got last year ( i ended up buying all 3 boxes last year) were amazingggg and I still love them.

When oh when will more info be released

More info please!

The Mystery Box will contain multiple things that spin, and one thing that doesn’t.


Haha the suspense and your killing me lol

Seriously though, think about it - multiple things that spin. Could be like any number of spinning things. It’s just the one thing that doesn’t spin, but it’s still a pretty good thing as long as you like things.

haha"your killing me smalls"

Yoyos, Top, and Kendama?

But I know you won’t tell.

Mulitple things that spin, could be a new design, a la Nine Dragons…

Video just came out on their YouTube channel and I am excited.

the thing that doesnt is a special edition hackysack!!! 2nd release of the one in the worlds pack!

Reason why I would want to buy the mystery box :wink:




How much would one cost???