What's in the YoYoFactory Mystery Box? - CONTEST #2


The 2011 YoYoFactory Mystery Box drops tonight at midnight!

YoYoFactory did mix things up a little bit this year and not everyone is receiving ‘exactly’ the same thing (regardless all the boxes are AWESOME). 
With that said though the ‘majority’ of boxes do contain the same ‘mystery mix of YoYos’.

This next contest today we want to hear what YOU think they put in the box this year!  The person who comes ‘closest’ to what is exactly inside the box will win a Mystery box for themselves.  So remember be as specific as possible (but don’t specify colors on anything, etc).  Saying a metal yo-yo is not enough and remember there are no B-Grades here.

Once the Mystery Boxes have started getting revealed on the forums and YouTube next week we will announce the winner.  Keep in mind we at YoYoExpert have final say on who the winner is.  If two people guess the exact winning combination  (unlikely) we will award to the person who guessed it first.

Happy guessing!


  • You can guess until tomorrow (Friday) at 12:00 PM EST when this thread will be locked.
  • Once you post you CANNOT EDIT your post.  They will be disqualified.[/b]


1 of everything from the new neon collection?

(*dv888*) #3

nova and a whip


Part of the Neon Collection, and a Bomb Squad edition Avant Garde


an 888 sticker and something of the neon collection


A yoyo from the neon collection and a FundeMETAL. Stickers, and some other accessories.

(themikedurdak) #7

Yoyofactory G-funk
Yoyofactory Starbrite
Yoyofactory Multitool
Assorted Yoyofactory Stickers
All of the 2011 YoyoeXpert trading cards


Seeing how the price is up from last year, I expect a bit higher quality yoyo such as genesis and a cheap plastic such as a one or whip. I think there will also be a string cutter (possibly neon) and an assortment of stickers. Oh, yeah all of the 2011 yye trading cards.

Edit: Oops sorry! :-[


a genesis, mystery plastic, 4 stickers, multi tool, starbrite


stickers, a fundametal lke yuktsa gfunk or nova then a plastic and whistle trading cards


Probably a

Neon protostar, A hectic or frantic or maby a genesis, YYF stickers, YYE stickers, undeniable DVD, 2011 trading cards.


progaly one of the fundementals (rockstar 2012, gfunk , nova ,etc) and one of the better platics (protostar northstar , star lithe , die nasty) and a star brite


I think the neon protostar and a 44 :slight_smile:

(Bína) #14

Whistling yo-yo, Starlite, G-funk


a Popstar, Multi tool, and a dv888, and a Northstar


supernova lite or the sort, and a plastic (protostar, northstar) and some acessories.


I’d say an avante garde, a starbright and a neon multitool. At least 6 packs of yye cards to blow out the inventory lol


since the value is $100, I’ll guess:

1 YYF Boss
1 YYF Neon Protostar
1 YYF Sticker Pack (the one that comes with the YYF starter kit)
1 YYF Yo-Yo holder
1 YYF Multitool
and a bunch of cards.

so what if I buy a mystery box and win another one?


north star proto star avant guard pack of cards and stickers

(Owen) #20

A Catalyst, and the new yoyofactory plastic yoyo ( From the starter kit) and a multi tool, with a couple of yoyoexpert cards