What Do You Think Will Be In Those Mystery Boxes

I noticed that there was some discussion about this that was clogging up another thread

so here is where you can post what you think will be in them or what you want in them

So Post Away! :smiley:

Equilaterals, Old Genesis/Supernova/Superstar, multi-tool, Spec-x/CTX, and some string

Im definatly thinking equilaterals as well cause theres a ton in stock

dirt and one of Ben’s shoelaces.



maybe a mighty flea?

Shutter for sure.

You think? That would be awesome but the shutters are pretty popular and popular throws usually dont go in the mystery boxes

yoyos and yoyo stuff. I bet I’m right

I bet you are!

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ha ha ha :smiley:


Equilateral, multi tool, gold ct, and super long string.

that sounds possible :smiley:

I’d be so pumped if I got that.

that would be the best

It’s almost certain there will be equilaterals theirs just so many in stock everywhere

Yup I agree Im hoping for a shutter though Im all so hopig for that ricochet evn though it would take a miracle for me to get that :smiley:

i agree

It is old stock that does not sell well. A way for the company to recoop some loss on a product and to move it out of the warehouse to produce revenue. Base on last years, I would say:

Long string
Pack of 2012 trading cards
Spec bearing
Old supernova

The 1/10 box will also include a mighty flea and a ctx

Then the big one will have the ti.