just got my mystery box

i got one of the 200 dollar boxes it had in it

  1. hiroyuki suzuki equilateral
  2. victor gravitsky protostar
  3. steve brown roll model
  4. packs of trading cards

if u bought one then post what was in yours on this thread


that’s pretty decent

I will be more than happy if I just get an Equilateral and a Prostar in mine. Hope that is the same across the board!

How so early?

He must have paid big bucks for one-day shipping, LOL.

As for my thoughts on the box…pretty guessable. EVERYBODY was thinking it would include an Equilateral, and lots of folks were thinking that a classic Protostar would be in there with it. The Roll Model must be the bonus throw that puts the box over $200…but it puts it WAY over $200, LOL.

And so there were no extras like string or a bearing, right? I kind of ought there might be something along those lines…

Anyway, can’t wait to get mine! I read some reviews on the Equilateral yesterday, all of which were very positive and got me hyped, LOL. Plus my Protostar is mega vibey and super loud, so it will be great to get a new one!

The question is though, will each box include an Equilateral and Protostar, or will it vary? Another reason I can’t wait to get mine, LOL.

i live 1 state over its only a 1 hour drive and i got the 3 dollar shipping so i have no clue y so early the equilateral comes with a multi tool bearing and 2 response pads. but yeah i go the cheapest shipping i could because i live in plainville connecticut and they are in easthampton massachusets its only like 1 hour to get there so yeah maybe thats y?

Ah, yeah, that is definitely it. You are really lucky to live so close to YYE…you can choose the cheapest shipping option, but get it as quickly as you would with the most expensive, LOL.

usually it still take s 2-3 days tho im suprised

I guess you just got lucky, LOL. Check out the tracking, and see what steps the package took. Maybe it skipped a step or two that it usually takes?

So, the question now, is whether there is another metal throw, instead of the equilateral that might be substituted in some other boxes. A super nice package, for a mere $45. Sweet deal.

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im pretty happy with it

any one else get theirs yet?

I also live in ct and I got mine today. I had the regular set and it contained

YYF equalateral
2 YYE trading card packs

I’m really happy since I have wanted a protostar and I basically paid the same amount for one but got a free equalateral too!

In all seriousness I’d rather get one $200 box and a totally empty box now than two normal boxes since the Equilateral and Roll Model were the two throws I was most wanted to try lol

I like that there is some variety showing up…Shaqlerstar vs. Protostar. Hmmm… I’d prefer the Shaqlerstar to the Protostar. I don’t own an Equilateral, so that would be nice. All good news so far.

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kind of makes sense i guess i mean im just so happy for 45 dollars i did the math i got $221.97 worth of stuff so yeah pretty good deal totally doing this again next year

So no string this year? I can’t wait for mine!!!

same i wish i got the shaqlerstar cuz even tho its a special edition protostar i want the shaqlerstar due to the fact i already have a protostar

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Yeah, I already have a Protostar, and prefer the added weight of the Shaqlerstar. I have a NorthStar though, so I kinda have both. But, I’d prefer a second version of the NorthStar. What color Protostar and Equilateral did you get?

Don’t know if I started any confusion but I got a red equalateral and a blue shaquler star. Not a protostar