Has anyone received a mystery box or bag yet?


Has anyone received a mystery box or bag yet? (I haven’t) I ordered a mystery bag but I think it will come on Monday after the weekend. :smiley:


My box is waiting for me at the post office…wish I went to get the mail today…never thought it would get here that fast!


I’m expecting mine on Monday (it’s at the post office now). Making an unboxing video right when I get it. So excited! ;D


Me too!


I think for most people, it’s too early to tell. I bet starting Monday we’ll start getting reports.

I have to wonder if YYE drives their YYE van to the post office to mail out those 300+ boxes(mystery boxes plus other orders), or do they just tell the post office “Better bring a big truck today, we got a BIG delivery for you!” Should be fun watching the postal workers drop a deuce when they saw the size of the outgoing pile!


I can only imagine. My friend runs a record label/distro, and another friend is an artist/printer, and they both send out dozens of packages at a time. They’ve both told me that their local post office absolutely hates seeing them :slight_smile:


He probably calls and they send a truck for pickup.I use to send out 100 to 200 packages a day UPS at one of my old jobs and I stacked them on a pallet and they came and picked it up for me every day.

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Hold up… the tracking status for me is only “Electronic Shipping Info Received.”

And you guys are telling me they are waiting at your local post offices?

What’s up here?


yeah same here


same here just no tracking info just “info received”


I’ll probably be making an opening video on YouTube but I’ll put a link here so anyone who wants to watch it can watch it. ;D


Wait… your parcel services (US Postal or otherwise) deliver over the weekends?


I won’t be getting my “mystery” box until the week after the upcoming week (but I should be getting my Token and Metz strings this week, so new yoyoness will still be had). I’ll be living vicariously through others’ unboxing videos.


What seriously!? I’m in the UK and accordingto FedEx, my mystery bag is estimated to come tomorrow (Monday) at 6:00pm (UK time and 1:00pm EST I think.)

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Sometimes there’s a bit of a lag with tracking. I’ve had packages arrive many times with little to no status on its location. Many aren’t even acknowledged as being sent before they arrive.


Ah, FedEx. Being in Canada means I can still get standard terrestrial shipping. For a $50 box, it made sense to stick with the $6 shipping option (the next jump was to $20 or so). So It’s USPS, which then hands off to Canada Post. I don’t know about USPS but Canada Post definitely does not work on weekends.


Mine should come tomorrow. it says it arrived in phoenix yesterday.


No mystery box for me but I did put an order through on Black Friday and it just arrived here an hour ago (Monday morning, Sydney time).


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Seriously, tomorrow, for the courtesy of others, please don’t post what you get in any threads.

ONLY links to unboxing videos, or a pm request if people want to know what it was.

Spoiling it for others isn’t cool. I don’t want to be casually browsing this thread (or any other for that matter) and find out whats in my mystery box before I open it.



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Well.I know what I’m dedicating my day to.