2013 YoYoFactory Mystery Box - Twitter Thursday!


For three years now we have worked together with YoYoFactory to bring to you the YOYOFACTORY MYSTERY BOX! Each year a huge success with lots of people going home with some really awesome stuff! Check out some of the YouTube unboxing videos HERE! For 2013 we are doing it again and we think this years box is that much better!

[b]Each mystery box has over $140 worth of YoYoFactory stuff for an amazing $45.00!


EVEN BETTER… ONE LUCKY BOX includes a RICHOCHET Making that Box WORTH OVER $400!!![/b]

How do you score one?!
Starting Monday November 25th (Thanksgiving Week) YoYoExpert will make two announcements each day Monday through Thursday. (Eight Releases in Total!)
Once the announcement is made – a countdown begins to release!
When the countdown ends this will be your chance to grab a Mystery Box!

Make sure you are ahead of the game by following or subscribing to us in advance as announcements will be made in the following order!

Monday – YoYoExpert Facebook
Tuesday – YoYoExpert Email Newsletter
Wednesday – YoYoExpert Instagram

Thursday – YoYoExpert Twitter

Each morning we will announce ‘Time Windows’ to watch – announcements will be made followed by short countdowns to the various releases of this years Mystery Box!

ALL Mystery Box ship Friday November 29th regardless of purchase date.

The 2013 YoYoFactory Mystery Box ‘Week’!!!

Check http://Mystery.YoYoExpert.com

Just saw this in the New Releases.

Last year I didn’t even bother because I had no money for them but this year I will be trying to pick one up. Not sure what day since they broke them up into different releases probably because of the crash last time.

Anyone else going to try to get one? And what throw’s do you think will be in this years?

I am definitely going to pick one up

Going to be tricky gotta work all day mon…i dont have instagram…but i am up for the challenge! totally want one!

Yeah I don’t either, I’ll just look every once in awhile for the countdown and if don’t get it that day oh well.

Thats what Im planning to do

I give up. Last year I waited till 2 AM to get a mystery bag and was very disappointed so I’m going to pass :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea I heard the site crashed and stuff like that

Its always the yoyos that didn’t sell good…


I don’t mind because if they didn’t sell good, I probably don’t have them :smiley: I had a lot of luck last year unloading anything unwanted, so this should be totally fun. I’m looking to get the maximum 2 per customer, if possible. I like the game involved in trying to get one, and these kinds of things don’t frustrate me. It’s all in good fun, and potential to spend $45 and get $140, $200, or $400 worth of stuff is cool too. Plus, they advertised the contents are better than last year. :wink:

I’ve never gotten a Mystery Box.

I do have the funds at the moment, so I may consider. However, honestly, I’m probably not going to bother with the Mystery Box because I pretty much already have nearly all the YYF stuff I want/need.

I do want a pair of those glowing 1080’s though and maybe a glowing Protostar.

My recommendation would be for people to snap these up.

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I’m wondering whether to get this or not. It seems neat, but it seems as though there were a bunch if problems last year (didn’t experience them just read about). $45 for $140 sounds awesome. But not sure what could be in it. Might just be a load of bearings and string. Or it could be a MVP2 and a Protostar or Super G.

Are last years problems resolved?
If so I’m off the fence and all in.

Do you think that there will be a shutter in the box? I’m hoping to get a shutter and the box but I don’t want two shutters.

Usually they put throw’s that didn’t really sell oh to well and older throw’s so there will probably be no Shutter in the Mystery Boxes.

They may put a mighty flea in there.

Yeah probably, or the old SuperNova/Genesis.

Id love to pick some up, but I’ll probably be in bed when they drop, so I don’t hold out my chances much…

I’m going all in for one :slight_smile: Does anyone have any info as to whether or not the box’s are all different or the same?

Definitely not all the same. Every tenth one is worth more, which means something different is in those. Also, there’s one with a Ricochet in it. Last year, even those who had the same yo-yos had some color variation.

Basically, if we use last year as the gauge, most will have the same throws in various colors. 1 out of 10 will have a higher priced throw substituted, or an additional throw added, to raise the value. One box will have a titanium thrown in for a $400 total value.

Which lets face it, will be your box. We all know it’s going to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

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