2014 Mystery Box *SPOILER ALERT* - Official Discussion Thread

Fifth Annual Mystery Box!

In 2010 YoYoExpert joined forces with YoYoFactory to bring the first ever YoYoFactory Mystery Box! Year after year this has been one of the most exciting and sought after releases on our site!

Check out some of the YouTube unboxing videos that popped up on YouTube HERE!

Best Mystery Box Yet:

We are confident that this FIFTH ANNUAL MYSTERY BOX RELEASE is going to be the best one yet! Plus a chance to win a GRAND PRIZE when you buy the standard Mystery Box!

Exclusive Boxes for 2014!

Special for this year we have TWO more ‘limited’ options (in addition to the standard Mystery Box)!
The Premium & Collector’s Edition feature some really neat stuff – but will be HARD to get – there are not many to go around!

How do you score one?!

Starting Monday November 24th (Thanksgiving Week) YoYoExpert will make one announcements each day Monday through Wednesday. (Three Releases in Total!)
Once the announcement is made – a countdown begins to release!
When the countdown ends this will be your chance to grab a Mystery Box!

Make sure you are ahead of the game by following or subscribing to us in advance as announcements will be made in the following order!

Release Schedule:

Monday – 1st Release – Announced on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Tuesday – 2nd Release – Announced via YoYoExpert Email Newsletter
Wednesday – 3rd Release – Announced via YoYoExpert Forums (Post & PM!)

Check back each morning where we will announce ‘Time Windows’ to watch – announcements are then made ‘at random’ during those time intervals and will be followed by short countdowns to the various releases of this years Mystery Box!

Shipping Information:

ALL Mystery Box ship FRIDAY NOVEMBER 28TH regardless of purchase date. Maximum of Two Per Person!

Let the 2014 YoYoFactory Mystery Box ‘Week’ begin!!!

According to YYF’s official ask.fm, when the new mystery box will randomly include the grand prize from the earlier worlds mystery box! :o :o :o :o

Wow, quite the bounty!

Have they still not announced when they are going ok sale?

I’m not doing the whole mystery box thing this year, but some lucky fellow is in for a treat. :slight_smile:

did the mystery last year and will be doing it again.

Did you get some good stuff last year?

So does that mean that nobody got the grand prize for the world’s mystery pack? Or just that they’re doing the same grand prize?

got my 2012 genesis and a shaqler star.


No one claimed the grand prize from the prague pack YYF stated on there ask FM page. So obviously some one won it but was to lazy to decode the slip of paper.

Unfortunatly I won;'t be doing the mystery box this year ( unless its ridiculously good) becausre I just spent over $600 on a PC and I really want to get a yeti when they come out

Ah, wow. That stinks for whomever didn’t claim it, but that’s on them for not paying attention.

Oh well, it gives me another chance at it, so I can’t complain haha.

I will be doing it this year. Hopefully its a Shuta or Cyborg!

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Does anyone know the approximate price point on these and when they usually go on sale? I want to save up some money for this since I love a good gamble, especially when it involves $800 worth of yoyo stuff.

45$ usually

Newbe is right, they’re usually around $45, but the value of the included throws well surpasses that. The previous one for world’s was $45, and it included the popstar which is $25 regularly, and the Cypher which is $60.

So the throws might not be something you’re interested in, which is where the gamble comes in, but it’s still a good deal regardless. A lot of purple complained about the popstar, but the way I saw it was that I got $15 off of the Cypher which is super good IMO, and got a popstar for free.

Unfortunately I will probably not be able to get one noooo

:frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

last years had Either the Migel genesis or the equal lateral plus either the proto or shaqler star… My buddy got two sold one to me :slight_smile: 45$ got my the genesis and protostar. I LOVED the genesis!!

or Roll Model

Last year I ended up getting a roll model, equilateral, and shaqlerstar